Kiln Planters

kiln planter flowers

Pottery kilns eventually die. When we recently put our oldest kiln out to pasture, it was a sad day at Stone Leaf Pottery. As our pottery classes and supply sales increased, so did our kiln firings, and our Duncan brand kiln, purchased in 1982, finally had to be retired. We replaced with a brand new Skutt kiln, but we kept our old kiln as well.

If you’ve come into Stone Leaf before, you know we like to recycle, up cycle, and all those other fancy terms for finding a new use for something old.

Did you know kiln brick retains water beautifully? Nothing like kiln planters!

Mom loves to garden, we like the pretty look of the planters, and in Denver’s hot summer days, the kiln planters keep plants hydrated all day long.

Make your own following this simple recipe:

– One old kiln, placed where you aren’t going to move it. Use base and lid (if possible) at the bottom of the kiln.

– Fill 1/2 to 1/3 full of dirt.

– Plant flowers. Finish filling with any other dirt as needed.

– Water



Our cute kiln planters have been decorating the front walk way of Stone Leaf Pottery’s Denver area pottery supply store since we moved to this location, 10+ years ago. Inside, you’ll find the best selection of pottery kilns in the Denver area. We’ve got kilns from Skutt, ConeArt, and L&L inside. And we’ve got moist pottery clay from Aardvark, Laguna, Rocky Mountain Clay, and New Mexico Clay to fire inside of the kiln you buy from us.


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