June 2017 Product Specials

It’s June… and I guess it’s officially summer! We’re busy this summer gearing up for remodeling of our new location… contractors will be starting work soon, and we’re busy cleaning up the outside and doing other landscaping tasks. We hope you have some fun summer projects planned also, in addition to the many summer festivals you are attending!

NEW ADDRESS: 6611 W. 58th Place*
* Our new location will be a couple steps to the east.
Construction Timeline: Our contractor estimates that construction is projected to continue through the end of October, but there are so many variables (including weather) that we’ll include regular updates in our upcoming newletters.
This month, we’re coming at you with some amazing deals for your studios.

Clay of the Month
Laguna’s Cone 10 Half & Half Clay. This clay combines white stoneware and porcelain in equal proportions. The result is a very throwable white body that is a light gray/white in reduction and slightly off-white in oxidation. Made with fine sand. Limited to 100# per customer.

Laguna’s WC 382, Cone 10 Half & Half $9 per bag

Glaze of the Month
We’re still working on clearing out our Clearance Glaze. We’ve still got dozens of pints, particularly lowfire colors. This month, enjoy a BOGO on Clearance Glaze. Buy One, Get One FREE. NO QUANTITY LIMITS.

Buy ANY Duncan Concepts 8oz bottle and get a 2oz bottle – color of your choice – FREE. NO QUANTITY LIMITS.

Toy of the Month
Diamond Hand Sanding Tools – Flexible and Semi Flexible Sanding Pads on sale for 10% off retail prices. In stock only.

Not familiar with these sponges? These sponges, made with diamond grit will smooth off high fired glaze or clay quickly and much more easily than any other type of sandpaper or abrasive. They are truly amazing! LIMITED TO 3 PER CUSTOMER.

Forth of July Holiday Weekend:
Saturday, July 1: Open 9 am to 4 pm
Sunday – Tuesday, July 4 CLOSED
Wednesday, July 5 Resume Regular Hours
Have a Safe & Enjoyable Holiday Weekend!!

As always, just a few quickie rules about the Monthly Sale Items: limited quantity and selection is in stock. Come early to shop for the best deals. Clay of the Month is limited to 100# per person. Glazes and toys are limited to in stock selection only.