July 2017 Product Specials

Welcome to July Everyone!! Summer is heating up with amazing specials as we prepare to celebrate America’s Birthday!! This month we’re featuring the Red, White, and Blue product specials.

Clay of the Month:
RED!! Laguna’s WC 420, Redstone
Laguna’s Website says: A red stoneware clay body with medium grog and minimal porosity at Cone 6. A superior functional clay, ideal for handbuilding and throwing small to medium pieces. Fires to a warm brick red color in oxidation.
We love this clay for it’s versatility and how awesome glazes look on it.

July’s Clay of the Month Redstone: $9.50 per bag

Glaze of the Month:
WHITE!! Cone 5 Whites!
What? White? Yep, glaze up everything you need to paint white in July with a Special on Cone 5 White Glazes.
Included in this sale: Amaco Satin Matte White (SM-11), Amaco Celadon in Snow (C-10), Mayco Crackle White (SW-149), Mayco White Matte (SW-141), Laguna Snowflake (MS-26), Laguna Versa White (MS-301), Laguna Colonial White (MS-63), Coyote White (MBG-023), and Spectrum White (S1118) and Spectrum Cone 5 Majolica Base (S1019).
July’s Glaze of the Month White Cone 5 Glazes: 20% Off

Toy of the Month:
BLUE! Shimpo Banding Wheels
By far the best banding wheel on the market, Shimpo banding wheels are powder coated in blue and have the most even spin you’ve ever encountered. Every potter needs one of these!
July’s Toy of the Month: Shimpo Banding Wheels 15% OFF

As always, we have a few “Rules of the Month” about our specials, and here they are: First and foremost, shop early in the month for the best selection – while we do order extra product to get us through the month, it’s not uncommon for us to run out of something… and if we run out, we do not issue backorders. Clay of the Month is limited to 100# per person. White Glaze sale is for in stock glazes only AND the sale price is applicable for liquid pints only. Banding Wheels are limited (again) to inventory on hand and a maximum of 2 banding wheels per person.

Stone Leaf will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th.