July 2016 Product Specials

Welcome to July, everyone! Summer in Colorado is great because there are so many things to do outdoors, but at Stone Leaf Pottery we know that it is also the time to start building an inventory of pots for all those Fall and Winter markets!

Our monthly specials for July were inspired by dreams of sitting next to the lake, sipping something cool, in hopes that even those of you who are cooped up in your studio can get that beachy summertime feeling. Here’s what we’ve got for you:

Clay of the Month: Laguna’s WC380, Cone 10 B-Mix with Sand – $9.75 per bag, up to 100lbs.
This super sandy clay body straight out of California will have you saying “cowabunga!”. Laguna’s Cone 10 B Mix with Sand clay body is designed for those who love Laguna’s ever popular Smooth B-Mix, but what to break out of it’s size limitations. You’ll be able to throw much larger with the added support of sand while avoiding the harsh hand-feel that can come from grog. Take this clay body for a spin in July!

Glaze of Month: Five Fav’s!
For July’s glaze sale, we asked out staff to pick out their favorite colors that reminded them of summertime. We have 5 glaze offerings that are sure to inspire – and since they span all temperature ranges, there is something for everybody! Take 25% of of these select glazes in liquid pint forms in July:

Cone 06/04
Spectrum 949 – Deep Sea
Mayco Elements 101 – Oyster Shell

Cone 5/6
Amaco Potter’s Choice 42 – Seaweed
Laguna Moroccan Sand 76 – Sea Foam

Cone 5-10
Mayco Stoneware 100 – Blue Surf

Tool of the Month: Sponges
In July we’ve decided to discount sponges. While this may not be very spontaneous, we know that they’re a studio staple. We are always excited to catch our necessities on sale – it’s always nice to get a little bonus on something you need. This month, we’re hoping to share that feeling with you!
Take 15% off of Sea Sponges, and 10% off Synthetic Sponges

Toy of the Month: Xiem Art Rollers + Handles
While we were daydreaming about building sand castles, we thought of the Xiem Art Roller. These awesome textures are a great way to add new flair to your old designs, and there is a pattern for every preference! July is a great month to try this great product out for the first time, or to stock up if you already use them! At 25% off, you can’t really go wrong.

We know that it’s vacation season and that you’re in the mood to relax and unwind, but in July (as always), there are some rules. There are not holds or rain-checks on Monthly Special items, so pick them up while they’re on sale, or miss out! Special price is limited to 3 Xiem Art Rollers and Handles, and 6 pints total of any in stock sale glazes.

We are proud to be your chosen source for ceramic materials in the Denver area, and we offer monthly specials on items we are love to use ourselves. The staff at Stone Leaf are potters themselves, and work with the supplies we sell… from sitting down to work with a mid fire porcelain clay (Steve!) to underglazing coffee mugs for sale in local coffee shops (Mae) the staff at Stone Leaf Pottery can be trusted to guide you to pottery clays and glazes perfect for your next project. Stone Leaf Pottery is not paid to endorse any Monthly Special products, we just sell supplies that we believe in.

Happy potting!