January Newsletter

Happy New Year to all of you wonderful people! I hope whatever your plans were, that everyone had a warm, safe evening surrounded by loving friends and family. I definitely could not bear to brave the cold and the crowds, deciding to have a quiet evening at home with friends which worked out perfectly.

The idea of the new year usually lends itself to a fresh start and new beginnings. That being said, I’m saddened to report that this will be the last newsletter I will be writing to you beautiful people. Recently, I decided to accept a job with another small business. It was a tough decision because I love Stone Leaf and the amazing family I have accumulated over the many years I have called this my work home. I’m somber to leave this place behind but eager for what the future experiences will bring. Don’t worry! I’m still going to be making pottery, and you might run into me when I come to fetch supplies or when I stop by to hassle the staff 🙂 I feel proud to have served such an amazing array of customers for such a long time. Thank you to all of my Stone Leaf friends and family. I will miss you very much.

And now onto the specials!!!

Clay of the Month: Aardvark ^10 Black Mountain Sculpture Clay $8 per bag

This clay body ranges from a lovely deep brown to black and has an extra tooth for large sculptures. It lends itself perfectly for hand building, coil or slab work and can also be thrown on the wheel into gigantic pots if you’re into that kind of thing. This clay does prefer a lot of oxygen in the bisque firing cycle to avoid bloating during glaze firing, so you might want to pull your peephole plugs or leave the lid popped for a couple hours while the kiln ramps up. Black Mountain clay is beautifully glazed, or you can leave it unglazed for striking results. This is the best deal you will ever find on this clay so snag some while you can!

Tool of the Month: GR Pottery Forms 20% off

We love these lightweight and durable drape mold forms! GR forms are super versatile with the types of shapes and sizes that are offered. They were created by a production potter who understood the necessity of having an economical and functional mold form. Usually, drape molds are made of plaster, which are expensive, heavy and can be problematic for a few different reasons. GR forms are made of a stable wood material which makes them long-lasting and easy to use. They are perfect for shallow pieces and are stackable when you need to make deeper forms. Simplify and speed up your making process with consistent results with these fantastic forms.

Glaze of the Month: Mayco Jungle Gems and Crystalites 20% off

Mayco just announced that they will be combining these stunning lines and adding several new colors to the classics. We thought the new year would be the perfect time to have them on sale to make way for some of their fresh glazes. These are great for glazing the entire pot or use them as an accent for dramatic effect. We love that most of Mayco’s glazes have a wide firing range and that they list what the effects are when fired to a higher temperature. These are technically earthenware ^06/04, but many do work at mid-range stoneware temperatures as well. You just have to check what the results will be which are listed on the side of the jar. So stop by and check out how you can spice up your work with these fun and easy to use glazes.

Until next time!



Hangout With Us:

House Rules for “of the Month Items” and other product specials at Stone Leaf Pottery: All Clay of the Month purchases are limited to 100# per person. There are no holds on this clay. Sale price is valid only in January 2019 and not combinable with other discounts. It’s not uncommon for us to run out of the Clay(s) of the Month, so we always suggest you shop early to ensure the clay is in stock. Limit on GR Pottery Forms and Mayco Jungle Gens or Crystalites is 12. When purchasing Glaze or Tool of the Month, again, it’s limited to products on hand. If we don’t have it when you shop, it’s not on sale. We replenish our shelves regularly – we encourage frequent visits to Stone Leaf. Got more questions about how this works? Please, please reach out to us! Or check our blog at stoneleafpottery.com/blog for further details.