January 2018 Product Specials

Welcome to January, Everyone! At Stone Leaf we’re looking forward to 2018 being our best year ever!

Our staff is amazing – and we think you’ll be pleased with some changes we’ve made in the store and with our processes to better serve you.

January is the month that we all replenish the basics in our studio, so this month we are offering some of our most popular and basic items to get you up and going again this year.

Clay of the Month:

By popular demand, our January Clay of the Month is Bix. That’s Cone 10 and Cone 5 SMOOTH BMix. BMix is a huge favorite here at Stone Leaf; this smooth stoneware offers a porcelain line smoothness. Firing a creamy white in oxidation this clay can also be fired in reduction. The smooth body allows for a great clay canvas for decorating as well as techniques like sgraffito.

Cone 5 BMix $10.50 per bag

Cone 10 BMix $9.85 per bag


Glaze of the Month:

CLEAR! Every studio seems to use clear glaze, and we’ve got some amazing clears on the shelf. All liquid clear glaze is on sale this month – from Amaco to Duncan, Coyote to Spectrum, Laguna, and Mayco. If it’s a clear, colorless glaze it’s on sale.

All Clear Glazes 15% off


Other Sale Items:

Laguna RF 505, Kiln Wash is 10% off on 5# and 10# bags

Mayco Liquid Underglaze Pints are 10% off

All kiln peeps & posts 10% off


As always, a few rules:

Clay at the sale price is limited to 100# of either bodies. We do not do any holds or combine this deal with any other offers.

Shop early in the month as sale items tend to sell out quickly. Limit 6 pints of glaze may be discounted.


Thanks so much! Stone Leaf Pottery relishes being your clay supplier; we are here to help you buy the best products for your studio and the pieces you create. Our staff not only sells supplies, but we all work in clay. If you’ve never been to Stone Leaf, we are conveniently located off the exit of Wadsworth and I-70 in Arvada.

~ Sophia