January 2017 Product Specials

Welcome to January!

It’s the first business day of 2017 and it’s starting cold and snowy for us. It’s a great day to work in the studio as the snowflakes flutter down. At the start of the year its time to stock up on the great Laguna Clays Stone Leaf sells and get ready for a new year of making pottery.

Clay of the Month

Stone Leaf is happy to be bring you two of our best selling clays this month for your throwing (or handbuilding) pleasure. A constant favorite, B Mix is a smooth stoneware and is a good choice for handbuilding or throwing. The “poor man’s” porcelain, this Laguna Cone 5 and Cone 10 B Mix is used in teaching studios and in home studios all over Colorado!

Laguna Cone 5 B Mix $ 8.75 per bag

Laguna Cone 10 B Mix $ 8.75 per bag

Glaze of the Month

Stock up on the perennial favorites of Laguna’s Moroccan Sand Glaze line this month, from MS-3 to MS-99, this line of glazes offers matte, translucent, textured, and opaque glazes for your pots.

Laguna Moroccan Sand Glaze Pints MS3-99 25% OFF

Toys & Tools

Every studio needs peephole plugs and posts for firing kilns perfectly. Stock up this month for 10% off all in stock Skutt Peeps and kiln posts.

And to keep that kiln going and your shelves in tip-top shape, all pre-weighed bags of kiln wash are 10% off.


Stone Leaf Pottery is a user of Laguna Clays, including B Mix. We also use the Laguna Moroccan Sand line of glazes, with special love to MS-18 Robin’s Egg and MS-26 Snowflake. However, this post and monthly sale items were not encouraged or sponsored in any way by Laguna Clay Company.


As with every month for our Clay, Glaze, and Toys/Tools monthly specials the sale items are not combineable with any other discounts or promotions. Sale items are limited to instock product and are limited to 100# of clay (total weight) and the Clay of the Month is ONLY WC-401 and WC-379. These are the smooth B Mixes, not the B Mix with Sand or the B Mix with Grog. Peeps and Posts sale maximums are 6 Peeps and 24 Posts. Kiln wash is limited to 25#. And glazes are MS3-MS99, liquid in stock pints only.


Thanks so much for reading this and checking out what’s going on at Stone Leaf this January. We’re potters, selling product to potters including the fine line of ceramic pottery clay from Laguna Clay Company. Besides this month’s Laguna Moroccan Sand glazes, we stock glazes from Amaco, including the Amaco Satin Matte line and the Amaco Celadons. Check out our glaze page for all the quality brands of pottery glaze we sell.