January 2016 News

Hi Everyone and Welcome to January. It’s a new year with a fresh start here at Stone Leaf Pottery and I’ve got lots to tell you! Read on to learn about what’s been happening. This month, I sent the newsletter out as an email to everyone since our website has been in flux. What’s written below is everything that was sent out.


First… The newsletter looks just a bit different this month. Usually, I just send out the links to all the info we’ve been posting on our website, and you can choose what you read about. However, since our website has been in flux this past month, I’m putting everything here for fast & easy access.

Yep, New Year, New Website! We’ve got a great new site happening at stoneleafpottery.com. Stop by and visit and see how it’s going. Our new site features new, easier navigation and a brilliant online order system, that’ll even safely take your credit card and calculate shipping if you’d like us to mail a package to your studio! 2016 is the year of improvements at Stone Leaf!!

Okay, okay, it’s true, the new site might have some bugs in it, and I’m still getting some new stuff happening there, so do let me know if you find any hiccups in the system. We’ve already discovered random items have transferred to the new site with “FREE” as the price – sorry we can’t make that happen! We’re correct FREE items as quickly as possible.

One of the big reasons we have updated the website is that at the end of 2015, Stone Leaf Pottery purchased SlabMat. We are now them! I am the new SlabMat Queen! Read more about SlabMat here.

And now, for the * real * reason you clicked through to read this newsletter… I know you want to know the products that are on sale this month.

Mom, Mae, and I were sitting, planning the January Product Specials for Stone Leaf when Mom said “January is a new start. And it’s time to replenish the basics in our studios. And that’s where the idea of the theme for January’s product specials came from. This January, replenish the basics in your studio. Laguna’s smooth B Mixes are some of our best sellers, restock your supply this month while Laguna Cone 5 Smooth and Cone 10 Smooth clays are on sale. And when those B Mix bisqued pots are out the kiln, glaze them with some prepared liquid clear glazes… all our Cone 04 and Cone 5/6 Clear Glazes in liquid pints and gallons are on sale. Lastly, when you put those glazed items into the kiln, you might notice it’s time for a fresh coat of kiln wash… so that’s on sale this month too, along with the crucial Peeps and Posts for loading into your kiln.

We hope we’ve got the basic’s covered this month.

Clay of the Month:
Laguna Cone 5 B Mix $9.25 per bag
Laguna Cone 10 B Mix $9.25 per bag

Glaze of the Month:
Cone 04 and Cone 5/6 LIQUID Clear Pints and Gallons 15% off. From Mayco, Amaco, Spectrum, Coyote, and Laguna Clear.

Other Basics on Sale:
Laguna RF 505 Kiln Wash 10% off 5 and 10# bags
Peeps and Posts for your kiln’s pleasure 10% off

Limitations & Rules: 100# of clay per customer. No holdsies. Maximum 2 Gallons or 6 pints of clear. Limit 10# of kiln wash.
Limit 3 peeps and up to 24 posts at the 10% discount.
In stock items only. No holds, ordering, or “next time I come in” etc.