January 2014 Product Specials

Clay of the Month | Glaze of the Month | Tool of the Month for January 2014

Clay of the Month: Laguna’s Cone 10 Half & Half

Enjoy this gorgeous blend of Stoneware & Porcelain for $8 per bag. Limited to 100# per customer; when supply is gone, it’s GONE.

Glaze of the Month: Spectrum’s NEW Cone 5 Celadon Glazes 20% off!!

We’re very excited that Spectrum Glazes has introduced a line of celadon / transparent glazes; we got our full order of these just before the holiday, and had a great time playing with them over the break. These dozen colors are rich in color and offer a full rainbow of colors to play with. Smooth, creamy, easy to paint on the Celadons from Spectrum are everything we want a glaze to be… all except for my craving for a Mimosa while glazing. Color 1469 is called Mimosa and the translucent orange-y color is exactly like the cocktail!! See them all here.


Toy/Tool of the Month: The Steve Tool 20% off!!

The Steve Tool is an adjustable, customizable wonder tool for your pots – create crazy, wild texture. If you don’t have one… you need one. Stop by this month & buy this groovy tool for 20% off!