How Did this Happen, Anyway?

I recently had a friend ask me “How did this happen, anyway?” Of course, he meant the opening of Stone Leaf Pottery. Many of you may know the story or parts of it, but I thought I’d share the story with you.

The story of Stone Leaf starts with Ingrid/Mom falling in love with clay.

As a college freshman at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, a young Ingrid – often spotted wearing leotards and overalls – took her first pottery class. It was, as she often proclaims “love at first poke.”

Ingrid, the college years
Ingrid, the college years

After her college years, Mom had me (Sophia), married her 7th grade “bike around the neighborhood partner”, Bob/Dad and had another child, my brother Blayne (yup, he hangs out at Stone Leaf, too.) All the while, keeping her fingers in clay. Mom has taught pottery in a variety of places including art studios, galleries, her garage, and public schools.

In the mid-eighties, my family moved from North Dakota to Southern California, where Mom took over the entire garage for a pottery studio… it’s also where I remember first trying to throw on the wheel. She was the pottery teacher at my high school.

Fast forward a about a decade and a major move to Denver is made. Denver seems like the perfect place for us; and we settle in, loving the Rocky Mountains and all the area has to offer. Mom started teaching for Colorado Free University, and before long, the pottery studio has taken over most of the basement, and the residential street is filled to capacity with parking. Dad – ever the clever engineer – says: “hey, you make enough money to pay rent – GET OUT.”

Right about the time Mom was vacating the basement, I quit a job, and decided to “help out for a few months.” Ha ha ha, almost 15 years later and here we are!!

In our original incarnation, Stone Leaf made pottery for gallery placements and commissions, as well as teaching pottery classes, in a 1100 sf and opened at 11 am!! Supply sales started around the time Laguna closed it’s Denver company store, and have grown through the years. Stone Leaf is now 14.5 years old, with a thriving supply business and teaching studio.