Happy Birthday to Us: Month TWO of Savings

2 Year Anniversary Birthday

Happy Birthday to us! Again!!

For those of you following along, July 2014 is Month One of Year 16 in Business, and it feels GRAND! We had five items on sale last month, have five this month, and will conclude the sale in August with five more items. These sale items are in addition on our regularly scheduled Clay & Glaze of the Month sales.

To celebrate our accomplishment serving the Colorado Clay Community for all this time, we are asking all of our staffers here at Stone Leaf to pick their favorite item, and we are offering it to you on sale this month at a rockin’ price.

When Stone Leaf opened, we taught classes, made pottery for galleries and private commissions, and slowly added the supply side of our business. We really do mean it when we say we use what we sell.

This month, Kylle, Sharon, Salim, Todd, and Blayne have chosen their favorite items for y’all.

Kylle has been at Stone Leaf going on nine years and is a fabulous thrower, with a charming studio in her home. Both at home and when working at Stone Leaf, Kylle says she cannot get *anything* done without her wonderful cut off wire from Dirty Girl Pottery Tools. Kylle’s favorite length is the 7″ wire, so this month, we encourage you to come in and pick up a 7″ Dirty Girl Cut Off Wire for only $4. (Usually priced at $5.75) If you’ve never tried a Dirty Girl Cut Off Wire, Kylle demands you to try them out – they cut through even the coarsest of clays like butter.

Stone Leaf’s Book Keeper, Sharon is a regular in our workshops and our Sunday morning pottery class. She likes to handbuild and throw, and when it comes to handbuiding, she often is found running an MKM texture roller on her pieces. Sharon says she loves the look of the BIG BRAID texture roller from MKM (item MKMRH001).  The roller does need a handle, so we’ve got that on sale with the Big Braid Roller, too. In July try the MKM roller handle and/or the Big Braid Texture Roller for 20% off. Sale Price on the Braid Roller is $13.56 – Handle Sale Price $7.96.

Salim says you have to have some Aves Apoxie in your trick bag. This 2 part Apoxie is non toxic and can be used to embellish clay items or be used to repair a chip. Once each part is mixed together, you’ve got about 2 hours to mold it into the shape you need, then the apoxie can be sanded and painted to match. Try it or stock up on the Apoxie this month for 10% off retail prices – Apoxie ranges from 1/4# to 3# containers and $9 – $37.

Blayne really grooves on Kemper’s WT6 wooden tool. The edge of this tool makes it great for both handbuilding and throwing; it’s a perfect angle and edge. Normally $3.59, in July grab one for the bargain price of $2.50.

In case these items (or our staffers) aren’t totally familiar to you, I made them pose with the above products. Todd wasn’t so keen on having a pic snapped, and Blayne got a little crazy. Enjoy!