Happy Birthday to Us: Month One of Savings!

Happy Birthday to us!

June 1 is the first month at the start of the 16th year Stone Leaf is in business. That’s right! Stone Leaf has been open for 15 years serving the Denver and Colorado Pottery Community. We’ve come so far with our sales of amazing quality clays, glazes, equipment and tools for your home, teaching, and community pottery studios. The next chapter is even more exciting!

For more about our story, you can read this.

To celebrate our birthday, we thought “15 years, 15 awesome products on sale!” In June – Ingrid, Bob, and myself along with Gita and Mark – are picking their absolute favorite products – the things we cannot create without.

For as long as Stone Leaf has been a teaching studio, Ingrid has used Laguna’s Cone 5/6 WC 422 Whitestone clay. It’s our ONLY clay body in our studio, and we cannot imagine using anything else. If you haven’t tried it, now is the time. And if you adore it like we do, now is the time to stock up. $7 a bag in June.

Dad says every kiln and every studio needs a good working thermocouple -without a thermocouple in good shape everything can go wrong. He’s a big fan of the Skutt thermocouple, and since he maintins all the 5 kilns at Stone Leaf, this month you can stock up on Skutt thermocouples for only $12.

Gita wants every tool box in Colorado to have a vibrant and happy Mudshark from Mudtools. This month you can grab one of these handy dandy needle & knife combos for only $7. Colors always vary. Gita proudly owns the only seafoam Mudshark we’ve ever seen and when I asked her about her Mudshark love, she said: “The mudshark is one of the most indispensible tools in my tool bucket and I use it every time I throw! I love the fact htat the needle tool folds away so I don’t stab myself while retrieving it from the bucket and the knife on the opposite side I use quite a lot to trim off excess clay when throwing, and it has not started to wear down after many years of use.” Yay for Mudsharks!

Mark went a bit crazy on his favorite thing this month and said he just cannot imagine working in clay and throwing without his Shimpo Whisper Wheel. This magnetically driven wheel is silent and glides like a dream. When talking about having this wheel on sale, Mark pointed out to me that this wheel is so perfectly smooth, you can band on it at very slow speeds yet it’s powerful enough to center 100# of clay. We love it too! If you’ve been wanting a Whisper – get it in June for only $1100.

As for me… I knew I wanted to pick a glaze as my favorite thing. Truthfully, I have a TOP 5  of best glazes ever, but this month, I’m focusing on my go-to glaze of choice, Spectrum‘s Textured Kiwi. Honestly, it’ might be the BEST ever commercially prepared glaze on the planet. I simply cannot get enough. This month, enjoy 20% off Textured Kiwi – in whatever format – liquid pint or gallon, or 10# dry sack.

Further silliness ensued, with us taking a picture with each of our favorite things! Enjoy y’all!!