February Product Specials

February Newsletter & Product Specials 2016

January sure has been a whirlwind, & thanks to all of you for your patience as we are super busy.

To help with the busy, we’ve hired not ONE but TWO new employees. RACE is our new warehouse guy, helping Mark to get your deliveries out the door quickly and accurately. I’m sure you’ll see him around, stacking clay and taking orders out to your vehicle when you shop in store.

Starting in February, we’re excited to have EMILY come join the Stone Leaf Family – she’ll be working a few afternoons a week to help with the after school rush. We’ve known Emily for a while, and think she’ll be a great fit – and we are looking forward to some extra help!

This month, love is in the air – Valentine’s Day is approaching, and Valentine’s Day is all about “cheesy love”. To get you in the mood for love, we’ve got Chocolate Clay on Sale. And you can Stroke and Coat your pottery with Mayco’s Stroke and Coat Wonderglazes at a discount. To further celebrate the Love in February, we’re giving a shout out to all the Dirty Girls in the pottery land, with a rockin tool sale.

February Clay of the Month

New Mexico’s Cone 5 Chocolate Clay is the smoothest, richest midfire creamy brown body around. It’s gorgeous out of the kiln unglazed or glazed. Delicious when wet or dry, throwing this clay is pure joy and will give you a lovely melted chocolate slip coating your hands… and throwing it is pure joy. It’s nicely plastic and can be a very forgiving body to work with. Just keep in mind the big shrinkage, at 15%.

Grab a bag of Chocolate this month for $10

That’s 25# for 40 cents per pound – a steal compared to Godiva!

** Due to the big storm at the beginning of February, the Chocolate Clay will NOT arrive at Stone Leaf until Friday, February 5. Sorry for the inconvenience.**

February Glaze of the Month

Every good clay deserves a good stroking… with the right glaze, that is! And this month, we suggest you stroke some Mayco Stroke and Coat on your pieces. These Wonderglazes are the industry’s most versatile product – lay it on thin or thick. On wet clay or bisque. Fire it up to Cone 06 or Cone 10. Stroke and Coats will please you every time. Available in 3 sizes for your pleasure – 2 oz, 8 oz, or 16 oz squeezy bottles!

Stroke and Coats on Sale for 20% off

February Tool of the Month

It’s a universal truth… everybody loves a Dirty Girl… A Dirty Girl Pottery Tool! These handcrafted pottery tools, made in Kentucky, are the best wire cutters and wooden tools in the business. From a foot fetish (that’s a wooden rib) to a kinky wiggle wire cutter, Dirty Girl offers high quality tools perfect for your pottery studio.

15% off when you take a Dirty Girl home in February 2016

The “Other” Sale Items

To round out our February Product Specials… we thought you might need some Wax or Latex resists to have some good, clean fun with! Wax and Latex are some of those studio supplies that just rarely are on sale. So this month, grab wax or latex for an irresistible 10% Off Pint sizes. But just remember, this is COLD Wax – don’t heat it up. Really, don’t heat it up before you apply it- it’s flammable but okay to fire in your kiln. (As in, don’t keep hot wax in your crock pot.)


So everybody has a fair chance to love some new stuff in February, we’ve got a few rules:

No reservations taken for Chocolate Clay. It’s first come first serve, and we’ve only got a limited supply available for special. It’s also a 100# limit. Come early to satiate your sweet tooth!

Other items – Stroke and Coats, Dirty Girl Tools, Wax, and Latex resists are in stock only, with no holds on them. We stock up before the sale, but we never know who the most popular Belle at the Ball will be.

Lastly, these discounts can’t be combined with any other discounts.