February Newsletter

Hello! It’s April and I am taking over the newsletter from Gita. I’m so excited to have this chance to talk to all of our wonderful customers!

February is starting and the first thing that comes to mind is Valentine’s Day. At Stone Leaf we love our customers so wesat down and made a list of the clay, glaze, and tools we think you bring a touch of romance to your studio spaces. We encourage you to spend a little extra time with the love of your life (pottery) this month. Nothing makes a potter happier than spending time in the studio!

I hope you enjoy this month of love, staying warm in your studio on those cold, snowy days. We are already looking forward to March around here and can’t wait for the NCECA conference in Minneapolis at the end of the month. Hopefully the Polar Vortex will have passed and we won’t be freezing on our walks from the hotel to the conference center. We’ll be in the Exhibitor’s Hall with our SlabMat booth, sharing the wonderfulness that is SlabMat (the smooth alternative to canvas!). Feel free to grab a smaple at NCECA, but we’ll aslo be giving out samples of SlabMat at Stone Leaf during March so you don’t have to travel home with your complimentary samples! It’s always a joy to meet up with friends at the conference.

We got a reminder from Shimpo that we feel everybody needs to not forget: for those with pace makers should not use the Shimpo Whisper Wheels because these motors are driven by magnets. We strongly recommend checking with your cardiologist about any potential interference with your pacemaker and ANY electric pottery wheel.

On to our February specials!


Clay of the Month

New Mexico Chocolate Clay
Cone 5
$10 per 25# bag – limit 4

While Godiva can hook you up with a pound or two of chocolate, why not go all out and buy your sweetie FIFTY pounds of New Mexico Chocolate for Valentine’s Day? Nothing says I love you quite like giving your love some quality time in the studio and this smooth, cone five, chocolate brown clay is a real joy to throw! Our New Mexico Chocolate clay is on special at $10 per twenty-five pound bag, limit one hundred pounds.


Tool of the Month

RED Mudtools
20% off – Limit 12

Keeping with the Valentine’s theme, all heart-shaped items including stamps from MKM and Mayco stencils, are 20% off. These stamps and stencils will help you create the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie and they will think of you every time they use it!

In addition, we also have all RED Mud Tools on sale at 20% off. These extra soft ribs are perfect for smoothing the edges of pots just before they come off the wheel. They’re also wonderful for applying decals, which you can make using your Valentine themed Mayco stencil!


Glaze of the Month

Pink & Red Glazes
Any Cone
20% off – limit 12

To help your complete your Valentine’s Day projects, all red and pink glazes are 20% off. Glazes must clearly be pink or red, no fudging on the color, and this offer is limited to a dozen glazes.

Enjoy your time in the studio and remember that spring is just around the corner!


Heart thrown pottery bowls by NealPottery on Instagram. Check them out!

Hangout With Us:

House Rules for “of the Month Items” and other product specials at Stone Leaf Pottery: All Clay of the Month purchases are limited to 100# per person. There are no holds on this clay. Sale price is valid only in February 2019 and not combinable with other discounts. It’s not uncommon for us to run out of the Clay(s) of the Month, so we always suggest you shop early to ensure the clay is in stock. Limit on Glazes & Tools is 12. When purchasing Glaze or Tool of the Month, again, it’s limited to products on hand. If we don’t have it when you shop, it’s not on sale. We replenish our shelves regularly – we encourage frequent visits to Stone Leaf. Got more questions about how this works? Please, please reach out to us! Or check our blog at stoneleafpottery.com/blog for further details.