February 2018 Product Specials

Hey Everybody!! Nice to see you here – we hope that 2018 has started out well for you, with productive days in the studio.


If you’ve shopped at Stone Leaf in January, you probably know that we felt like BMix was the WORLD’s MOST POPULAR CLAY EVER and it was basically impossible to keep it in stock in January. We have been thrilled and shocked at how fast it’s flown out of here… so for the FIRST TIME EVER we will be extending our BMix sale into February. Read more below.

Celebrate the love… the love of BMix with an extended sale until February 14. We’ll be featuring 3 smooth stoneware bodies:

Laguna’s Cone 10 Smooth BMix, WC 379

Laguna’s Cone 5 Smooth BMix, WC 401


Rocky Mountain Clay’s Cone 5-7 BMX, a new clay in their line up

Cone 5 BMix $10.50 per bag
Cone 10 BMix $9.85 per bag
Rocky Mountain Clay BMX $9.70 per bag

BMix Sale Extension ONLY through February 14


Clay of the Month
The “regularly scheduled Clay of the Month” is the creamy and dreamy, rich brown Chocolate Clay from New Mexico Clay. A relatively new-ish clay sold at Stone Leaf, this clay offers a beautiful and well behaved brown color. Give yourself a Valentine’s Day gift of chocolate!

25# of Chocolate $10.50 per bag


Glaze of the Month
Fall in love all over again with Shinos this month. “Shino” – a generic term for a group of pottery glazes shinos tend to range from a milky white to an orange due to carbon trapping during the firing.

Amaco has brought back the love with their Cone 5 Shino Line. Offering up to us 12 Shino glaze colors available in matte or gloss these glazes are inspired by the “humble earthiness of tea ceremony bowls…a traditional high-iron look.” LINK LINK LINK They truly are glazes to love.

Amaco Shino Pints 30% OFF


… of the Month
We always need to add a few additional items for your studio to enjoy at a great discounted price every month.

This month, we’re letting you play in the wax and latex – what’ll you do with it??

Laguna Wax Resist 10% off – please note this wax is a cold wax and should NOT be heated. Heating the wax is a fire hazard – do not do it!!

Latex products – 10% off, too

Wax it up!


Yep… we have to have the rules. Clay of the Month is in stock clay only, no holds or special orders for the Clay of the Month. The BMix part of the sale is only through February 14 – the Chocolate Clay will be on sale from February 1 – February 28, 2018.

Shino glazes, wax, and latex are also on sale only from February 1 to February 28 with no holds, and in stock quantities only.

Feel free to call in or email an order and send a friend to pick up supplies for you. We’ll be here.


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