February 2017 Product Specials

Let’s get down and dirty this month … dirty with lovely chocolate all over our hands. We’ve got some delicious specials sure to satisfy you or the significant potter in your life.

Nothing feels smooth and slippery like chocolate gliding through our fingers. Chocolate clay that is.

This month, Stone Leaf brings you our most romantic offerings as we celebrate Aphrodite and love.

We know you’re eagerly anticipating the Clay of the Month. This New Mexico Clay, Chocolate, is our ode to love this month. This body is smooth and sinful. Designed to be fired to Cone 5, this clay is the aptly named, and looks like a rich chocolate when fired to Cone 5.

Specially Priced at $11 per bag

Glaze of the Month: Stroke and Coat
Some days, you want to brush a coat of this product on a naked pot, other times your glazes go under the cover of other glaze… or maybe you get a little naughty and layer on top of the glaze.

Sticking with the down and dirty of Valentine’s glory, we’re offering you a great discount of 25% this month on Mayco’s Stroke and Coat. These glorious underglazes offer the traditional applications of underglaze, but can stand on their own as a glaze. We strongly suggest you run out and buy some!


Tool of the Month: Dirty Girl Pottery Tools
Get down and dirty in the mud this month with a Dirty Girl Spanker or Foot Fetish Rib. If a Foot Fetish doesn’t float your boat, give some attention to the Lip Service Rib. Stone Leaf has all the ribs, wires, and spankers here to fondle. We’re sure Dirty Girl Pottery Tools has something naughty for your (tool) box. 20% off Dirty Girl Tools in February


A little something extra……
Often times, we need a little something extra to get us going. Right, girls? This month, I wanted to offer just a little something extra so everything in your process goes smoothly…………….. In February, we’re giving you 10% off your wax and latex needs. You cannot undervalue the importance of a good wax. And we have several here to choose from.


We hope these February product specials are exciting you and that we’ll see you this month at Stone Leaf Pottery to stock up on these items. As usual, our clay of the Month is limited to 100# at the special discounted price. Shop early in the month for the best inventory as we do sometimes run out of product – this is true of Stroke and Coats, wax, latex, and Dirty Girl items also.
Our discount pricing on these items is not combinable or in lieu of other arranged discounts. All sales are final. Sale items are limited to in stock inventory. All sales run from February 1, 2017 through February 28, 2017 and discounts will not be applied to sales prior to February 1, 2017 or after February 28, 2017.