Favorite Things: Read All About It

How do you Stone Leaf? Are you a “come in and wander” potter, touching and investigating all the things? Or are you decisive in your needs, calling in or emailing your order to us for a quick stop in to pick up your order?



Either way, if you’ve called, shopped in store, or even emailed with the staff at Stone Leaf Pottery, you know we are chatty people with a deep passion for clay and an almost inappropriate love of glaze. I think we’ve started to sound like a broken record when we say “we use what we sell” but it’s true… Ingrid, the founder of Stone Leaf Pottery, has been playing in clay since before I (Sophia) was born, and I think my love and appreciation of clay and pottery must be in my genes.

And as such, I think pottery is on my internal radar. I am *so good* at finding galleries, shops, and unique handmade gifts wherever I go. Luckily, this has allowed me to collect an amazing collection of items I display in my home. I honestly think this a gift passed along my Mom’s side of the family; my Mom, grandmother, and great grandmother were all collectors of beautiful things. My Mom’s love of pottery started with pieces from her grandmother (my great grandmother) and my Mom proudly uses and displays many of those items in her home now, many over 100 years old.

I’ve been thinking for a long time about a regular review section of the products we sell, and commentary about techniques and what drives our passions for pottery. So… I’ve decided now is time to start doing this.

Our new feature, which I hope to a few times a month, probably on Sundays, will be chatty and discuss one of our Favorite Things. A Favorite Thing that will probably be glaze. Or clay. Or a tool. Or a kiln. Or process. But it’ll be studio related. I feel like Sunday morning is the time for this; my Sunday morning routine is to sit quietly with coffee, planning the week ahead. In my imagination, I think it’s what many of my customers do as well, before heading to the studio to start a fresh week in clay.

I have to shout out to my cousin Ben, who owns Waterford Wine in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His weekly emails about new wines and other spirits from his store recently re-inspired me to start this Favorite Things post. (His recent email also inspired me to purchase a bottle of Cody Road Bourbon, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.) It’s also started my new obsession with handmade whisky cups… so I’ve you’re making whisky cups let me know!

Oh, and if you happen to wonder about the picture associated with this post, its a plate of Swedish Pepparkakor cookies. My family is Swedish and making these cookies is one of my favorite holiday traditions. The cookies, commonly found at Ikea these days are thin crispy molasses &  ginger flavored cookies. In my family, we make the dough around Thanksgiving, then age it and bake the cookies at Christmas time.



Since Stone Leaf opened it’s doors 16 years ago, we have been teaching classes, and using amazing products from Laguna, Amaco, Duncan, and Spectrum. We’ve come to love Coyote glazes and all things Mayco. Our Arvada teaching studio and supply store is where every potter can find all the things they need for a home studio or teaching location. We are passionate about our products and want to make sure each customer gets what’s right for them. We look forward to seeing you soon!