Favorite Things: Laguna’s WC 422, Whitestone

When choosing a clay body to purchase from Stone Leaf, if you ask us for help, we are *always* going to suggest to you that you give Laguna’s WC 422, Whitestone, a try. (If you are shopping for a Cone 5/6 clay.) This creamy white clay body is about 60% stoneware and about 40% porcelain, and is for us, the most perfect clay.


When I started working in clay as a college freshman 44 years ago we dug our clay out of a local farmers field. Our Cone 8 Stoneware clay was glacially engineered, and we got what we got. We wedged to remove rocks and bits of debris; it was nothing like the clay I came to love years later from Minnesota Clay.

Over the years I’ve sampled, tried, and used many different clay bodies from my own formulation to hundreds of clays manufactured by different clay companies. And I have fallen in love with clays from the Laguna Clay Company. Their clays just do it for me, not just one of their clay bodies, but several.

As the studio manager and one of the owners at Stone Leaf Pottery, it’s amazing to have a plethora of fabulous clays to choose from for our studio, special projects, commissions, and workshops. To me, Whitestone is simply the most amazing clay body I have ever used.

throwingThese are my Favorite Things about Whitestone:
– It has a stunning low cracking rate. In our studio from 1-3%.
– It will go two feet high and two feet wide at a quarter inch thick with every forming method I have tried.
– It is a midrange porcelaneous stoneware, 40/60, has 60 mesh grog, fires creamy white in oxidation, and is extremely responsive on the wheel, for sculpture, and hand building.
– You can trim a foot on it after your thrown piece has dried completely. Yup, you read that right.
* Lets say you throw a piece, you can’t get to trimming it before it dries. Put half an inch of water in a bucket and soak the Whitestone for 5 minutes, longer for larger pieces. If the piece is too larger for a container, flip onto your wheel head and simply wet the base with a sponge, scratch away a small area and fill with water. Trim in 5 minutes re wetting as needed.
* I have done this, our teaching staff and students have done this hundreds of times – works like a charm! (Do be careful to protect the dry times of your piece.)

There are over 100 clays Laguna makes that are considered “standard clay” bodies from them – clays they make on a regular basis. Whitestone was previously a “standard body” of theirs but it is now a special order body. Which is to say, you will not find it on their website. Whitestone, like the thousands of formula’s Laguna has, is a custom blend and you have to order a ton of it (2000#.) We buy our Whitestone by the semi-load, and keep it in both wet & dry here at Stone Leaf; and you can buy as little as 25# from us. Yay!

If you are wondering if Whitestone will do what you need it to do, come on by to Stone Leaf Pottery to see hundreds of fired examples of Whitestone as well as other Laguna clay bodies. Stone Leaf Pottery, a full service Rocky Mountain Pottery Supplier.



Playing in the clay and using what we sell is how we fell in love with Whitestone clay. We stock over 50 clay bodies in our Denver area warehouse and this one is is *the best*. It’s our only studio clay body at Stone Leaf. And as much as Laguna Clays do it for us, this post is not paid for or solicited by the Laguna Clay Company.