Favorite Things: Fan Brush

amaco fan brush

When sitting down to glaze my pieces, I demand an excellent brush!! Often when I glaze (and I prefer to brush on my glaze) I will glaze 3 – 4 pots at a time, often in different colors; so I need many brushes. For me, in most glazing situations of smooth surface pots, nothing beats an Amaco Fan Brush.

Clean, dust free bisque, my glaze and a spoon, and a perfect brush are the things I need most when I sit down to glaze.

When purchasing brushes at Stone Leaf, and when we instruct our students on how to glaze we like to use the phrase “use the largest brush you can to cover your area quickly.” And for even application, helping your glaze glide over your bisque, for me there is no better brush than Amaco’s Fan Brush.

action shot amaco fan brush

Available in two sizes, Amaco’s Fan Brush offers soft bristles that hold a significant amount of glaze, allowing me to apply smooth and even coats of glaze. For about $11, I think this is THE brush to have. I know it seems like a lot of cash for a brush, but I’ve NEVER had a customer buy the brush and tell me it wasn’t worth the price!!

The #4 Fan brush is about the size of a quarter, the #6 Fan is about a half dollar in size. And like my inappropriate love of glaze, I am also a collector of brushes, and have -oh, about 6 of these brushes in my collection! Next time you are in the market for new glaze brushes, I say go for it! and buy an Amaco Fan Brush.



Stone Leaf Pottery is located in Arvada, Colorado, located just minutes from Downtown Denver. Stone Leaf features a full teaching studio with 5 classes weekly and is also a full ceramic pottery supplier (clay, glaze, kilns, tools, bats, and much more.) Our supplies include the best selection in the Rocky Mountain area, with our highly educated staff and shelves full of glazes, underglazes, and brushes from Amaco Brent. Amaco did not bribe me with free Fan Brushes to write this post; it is an unpaid post and all words and ideas are my own.