Favorite Things: Blue Rutile

I can’t help it, I love glaze and I’ll admit… I have more than I should. I love pulling off the manufacturer’s seal, mixing it up, the smell, and the first dip of my brush into a new, clean jar. I eagerly await new emails from manufacturers for more, more, more new glazes they are manufacturing!

I *might* have a glaze problem. Might. BUT I’m not agreeing to anything…



Amaco’s Blue Rutile glaze, in the Potter’s Choice line, is one of my favorite go to glazes, along with Laguna’s Moroccan Sand Line’s Robin Egg Blue. My third in my trio of glaze perfection is Spectrum’s 1100 Series Texture Kiwi. These glazes are engineered to be fired at Cone 5/6, which is perfect for Stone Leaf Pottery’s teaching studio where we fire to Cone 5 with a hold at temperature. (I’ll be talking about Texture Kiwi in an upcoming post.)

To explain, when I say “go-to”, these three glazes are always my first choices when glazing. They are my first recommendations to customers looking for great colors and consistent performance. If I could only glaze with three glazes for the next year, this is what I would choose.

One of my favorite pieces I have glazed in Blue Rutile is a serving bowl in my home, thrown with Minnesota Clay’s Rainy Lake Clay and glazed in Blue Rutile. No, Stone Leaf doesn’t sell Minnesota Clay but when my Mom first started working in clay, she lived in North Dakota, then Minnesota and used clays from Minnesota Clay. A few years ago, in a bout of nostalgia, Mom got some Minnesota Clay’s Rainy Lake Clay for fun to throw with.

Funnily enough, Mary at Continental Clay used to help Mom buy supplies – they had a fun conversation about Mary remembering her at NCECA in Seattle.

stone leaf pottery amaco glaze bowl

Blue Rutile is blue, and a little bit green and highlights texture and color. It’s great on white clay. And reds. And browns. It flows off the brush easily and breaks into texture. Basically, it’s the perfect glaze.

** Like always, we strongly recommend you test your glaze before you use it on a pot you love. **

Yep… we sell Blue Rutile at Stone Leaf. In pints, gallons, and 25# dry bins. Visit Amaco’s Potter’s Choice glazes to buy it now. Because you need it.



Stone Leaf Pottery offers 5 class times per week in our Arvada teaching studio. Pottery Classes are Sunday Mornings from 10 to 12:30, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights from 6:30 to 9, and Wednesday afternoons from 1 to 3:30. Stone Leaf Pottery fires to Cone 5 in our studio and we offer students a wide variety of underglazes and glazes, including Blue Rutile, for our students to use. Stone Leaf Pottery is Colorado’s distributor for all things Amaco and Brent. Amaco/Brent did not pay us to write this post and wax poetic about their glaze.