Falling into October 2013

Hello October!

I can’t believe it’s October… it’s fall and this is the time the days really fly. We are only a few days in and I’ve already heard the s-word (snow.) I’d rather concentrate on home sales, keeping cozy by the kiln… and yes, hockey season!!!

We are thinking toward the Colorado Art Education Associate Conference, our Thanksgiving weekend closure, and more.

Sophia and Ingrid, Gita, Kylle, Mark, Aaron, Sharon, Salim & Dan

October Clay of the Month: WSO

Laguna’s Cone 10 Stoneware, WSO stands for White Stoneware, Other

Enjoy this clay for $7.50 per bag this month

WSO is a light grey body made with a fine sand, firing off white in oxidation and gray/white in reduction. Great for Raku as well and is typically slightly open at Cone 10.

Clay of the Month Rules: Limit 100# per purchase, per month, per person. No “holds” on clay. When limited quantity for Clay of the Month is sold out; it’s gone.


New Faces

We are so excited to have a few new faces at Stone Leaf! Awesome Aaron has returned to the land of website and graphic design, so we are pleased to introduce Salim as our new full time store employee. Salim & Mae both have clay backgrounds, Salim from UNC (thanks, Mike) and Mae from CSU. Dan is our new part time delivery guy… a friend of Gita’s since high school, we knew he’d be fabulous with references like Gita.

Mae, Salim, & Dan
Mae, Salim, & Dan


Electric Kiln Workshop

Saturday, December 7 from 9 to 4 pm

taught by Ingrid King, Stone Leaf Owner & Studio Manager

Does your kiln freak you out? Do you have a love/fear relationship with your kin? Or panic anytime something goes wrong?

If any of these things apply to you, OR you just feel you’d like to be more comfortable with your kiln firing, please join us on Saturday, December 7 for our HOW TO FIRE YOUR ELECTRIC KILN WORKSHOP. From 9 to 4, with a lunch break, we’ll be covering all sorts of kiln information – from suggestions on how to load your kiln, troubleshooting, general maintenance issues, and a question/answer session, our goal is to make you more comfortable firing your kiln.

Cost $75 for the class if signed up by November 23. $85 on & after November 24. Clay includes a 75+ page booklet of information.

Fine print details: if you’ve purchased a kiln from Stone Leaf Pottery in the last 2 years, a one-time attendance of this workshop is FREE to you. If you are a teacher, please check with your District Art Coordinator as this class may count as continuing education credits.

If you are unable to attend, please give or sell your seat to a friend, as no refunds will be issued unless we cancel the class.


Pot Luck Clay

Pot Luck clay is ready! This season’s clay batch varies from a red/buff/terra cotta color and was made with a blend of Cone 5 & 10 bodies. Let’s call it a Cone 5ish body. 🙂

It’s a great clay for cold finishes, cheap clay needs, and experimentation.

Bring your own bags or buckets… prices are:

$3/gallon size lock size bag

$6/clay bag

$12/5 gallon bucket

Please note: You’ll need to come prepared to bag/box/bucket up your order yourself – and again, the clay is RED, so do plan to get a bit dirty!


Thanksgiving Closure

We’ll be closed at Stone Leaf Pottery the Thursday – Monday of Thanksgiving weekend. It’s a bummer… but we need to take a few days off to spend time with our dogs. And our families. And watch some football. Or hockey. Then, we’ll be here Friday- Sunday counting inventory. If you show up, be prepared to count. Due to the nature of inventory, we CANNOT ring up any sales that weekend. Sorry for any inconvenience.


This has been some excerpts of our monthly newsletter. To get a full copy, please sign up for our newsletter on the front page of Stone Leaf’s website. We promise to never flood your in box.





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