Fall 2016 Workshops

from Mocha to Marketing, we’ve got a ton of fun in our Fall 2016 Workshops.

Mocha Diffusion for Cone 5
Saturday, September 24 – 10am to Noon
Cost $15 + $10 lab fee to Peri on day of class

This curious English technique dates from the 18th century, and results in a delicate, feathery pattern that suggests frost crystals, a distant grove of trees, and delicate fern leaves.  Many videos can be found online of this technique. Enjoy trying out the technique as well as learn how to make the acid mocha that makes these magical patterns happen.

Supplies: Bring one or more leather hard, but not dry, pieces. Pieces can be wheel thrown, or hand built.  Peri will have several pieces available for sale for you to experiment with, at a nominal cost. Pieces can not be larger than about 2 pounds and no taller than 10 inches. All mocha specific related supplies are provided.


Saturday, September 24 – 1 to 3 pm
Staff cost: $5 + $5 lab fee to Peri on day of class

You’ve wanted one since you saw Captain Kirk say, “Beam me up Scotty.”  Or Captain Picard command, “Make it so.”  Now’s your chance to engage that fantasy and make your own rocket with thrown components,  provided by Commander Peri made from a white cone 5 clay.


Kitchen Guardians
Saturday, October 22 -10am to noon and 1-3pm
Hand building, using studio clay, Cost: $30

Everyone needs a Kitchen Guardian!  Join Peri and explore the exciting creation of these friendly, yet protective creatures.  You never know when they need to discourage other mythical creatures that seek to gain a foothold in your kitchen.  Make sure to bring odd dishes and a utensil or two pilfered from your kitchen to use as a perfect helmet, shield, or protective spoon for your Guardian.  Your local thrift store would also be a good source for shields and helmets creamers, gravy boats.

Participants will be hand building with cone 5 white clay and can plan to create a Guardian up to 12″ high.  Storage not included.  Bring a box and packing materials to shelter your Guardian while you escort him to his new location.

As always:
Class fee is due upon sign up.
Additional information will be posted online, and in the studio on the whiteboard
Fees do not include firing or storage
Participants must bring their favorite tools, brushes, etc.
No refunds unless class is cancelled