Facebook’s Potters Choice Exchange

Do you Facebook? I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. It can be a rabbit hole of helpful and useless information. Pictures, status updates, news clips, funny animal vidoes…. and POTTERY. I love having casual relationships with potters all over the globe, and one of my favorite groups on Facebook is Amaco’s Potters Choice Exchange.

A free group, open to EVERYONE Amaco’s Potters Choice Exchange group features successes and failures primarily using Amaco’s Potter’s Choice Glaze Line. As potters are inclined to do, the posts and photos on this page spiral into tips and techniques, requests for help, and of course, mixing other lines with the Potter’s Choice glazes.

I have about a notebook full of ideas I’ve seen on this page to try myself. You can see the full line of Potter’s Choice glazes for purchase in our Denver area store on Stone Leaf’s Amaco Potter’s Choice Page and also view Amaco’s Celadon Glaze’s Page here. There seems to be a trend of mixing the glaze lines for more unique glaze looks.

Here are a few of my favorites, I found just in the last week or so. Posts are frequent, so visit this page often!


   lace platepce250 Lace plate by Danuta Loane. 3x obsidian, 3x seaweed

closeuppce250Close up plate by Terren Baker, 2x Indigo Float over 2x Temmoku

black&blue bowlpce250Bowl by Daniel Altnether, Textured Turquoise, Blue Rutile and Seaweed over Black Cat Studio Black Glaze

seaweedmugpce250Mug by Frank Holt, Blue Rutile 2x under Verte Lustre 2x


As always, no staff member or account rep at Amaco whispered sweet nothings in my ear or bribed me with wine, encouraging me to post this page. It’s one of my favorite pages and often a place I direct customers to. Once you see it, I think you’ll be a frequent visitor as I am.

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