Electric Kiln Workshops: Winter 2018

We know that purchasing an electric pottery kiln can lead to a lot of questions of about “how to” and “what if”. And “oh no!”

That’s why Stone Leaf Pottery will be teaching a half day class to help potters learn how to fire an electric pottery kiln. The class for Winter 2018 will on Sunday, February 18 and March 25.

Stone Leaf Pottery owner, Ingrid King, and Kylle Been, long time SLP staff member, will be teaching everything from how to best load your kiln to what to do if the power goes out mid fire. Ingrid has been firing kilns for over 40 years and will touch upon other topics such as the best ways to load a bisque or glaze load, basic maintenance information and how to prevent glaze drips all over your expensive kiln shelves. Kiln Workshop attendees should come armed with notebooks to take notes and any questions they may have.

If you’ve bought a kiln from Stone Leaf within the last 2 years, this workshop is free to you. (Kiln purchase verification is required. One class seat per one kiln sold.)

Sunday, February 18 and Sunday, March 25
from 11 to 3, with NO lunch break

*** The March Electric Kiln Workshop is SOLD OUT. We’ll be posting another date for later this year soon!!**

Stone Leaf Pottery owns and operates a ConeArt Kiln, a Duncan, and two Skutt kilns. While this class may specifically discuss those kiln brands, information is applicable to other kilns brands on the market.

Class registration is a $35 non refunable fee. If Stone Leaf cancels the class, we’ll refund your money. If you can’t attend, give you workshop seat to a friend. We’re hearty people; unless it’s a full out blizzard we’ll be here.

Stone Leaf loves our kilns, each one for very specific reasons. This workshop is not sponsored by any kiln manufacturer.

Please note: Ingrid is hyper sensitive to smells, and we ask you not use scented lotions or perfume the day of the workshop.

To register Ingrid@stoneleafpottery.com or call 303-463-8081.