Electric Kiln Workshop April 2019

So, there you are: standing in front of your new shiny kiln. And it’s beautiful and it’s calling out to you “fire me, fire me” – except, it’s TERRIFYING.

Don’t worry – we got you! Stone Leaf is here to calm your nerves and assure you that everything is working the way it’s supposed to. Ready, Set, Fire.

On April 24, join Ingrid and Sophia, owners at Stone Leaf Pottery, for our Electric Kiln Worship. (Okay, we mean WORKSHOP) but it is all about our Love of Clay.

This kiln workshop is exclusively for firing electric kilns. We will be discussing multiple “what if” scenarios and “how do I” questions for basic firing techniques. We’ll throw in some problem solving for the “oh no!!” moments that can happen and how to solve those issues as well as great online resources for kiln how-tos.

This Spring’s Electric Kiln Workshop is Sunday, April 24 from 9 am to 1pm. We will be starting on time, and recommend each attendee brings a notebook as well as any questions they may need answered. Bring photos and/or pots as examples, too.

Ingrid and Sophia have been firing kilns for over 82 years combined and will touch upon other topics such as the best ways to load a bisque or glaze load, basic maintenance information, and how to prevent glaze drips all over your expensive kiln shelves.

If you’ve bought a new kiln from Stone Leaf within the last 2 years, this workshop is free to you. (Kiln purchase verification is required. One class seat per one kiln sold.)

Electric Kiln Workshop
Sunday, April 24 from 9 am to 1 pm

Stone Leaf Pottery owns and operates a ConeArt Kiln, a Duncan, and two Skutt kilns. While this class may specifically discuss those kiln brands, information is applicable to other kilns brands on the market.

COST: $40 or FREE with an electric kiln purchase at Stone Leaf within the last 2 years

Class registration of $40 is a non refundable fee. If Stone Leaf cancels the class, we’ll refund your money. If you can’t attend, you can give your workshop seat to a friend.

Stone Leaf loves our kilns, each one for very specific reasons. This workshop is not sponsored by any kiln manufacturer.

This class is taught when our retail store is closed; email ahead ANY orders.

To register Info@stoneleafpottery.com or call 303-463-8081.