Denver is My Home.

I used to think owning a clay supply business meant staying home all the time, but this spring my travels have taken me to all points north, south, east, and west.
For example, in the past few months, I have visited:


I love visiting all the manufacturers we represent… each twist and turn at Laguna reveals new nooks and crannies with people, equipment, and processes I’ve never seen before. My trip to Portland was full of firsts… first trip to Portland, to Skutt’s facility, first maple bacon bar at Voodoo Donut.

In Des Moines, I met my niece Amelia for the first time, and Columbus introduced me to the Mayco Family.

An epic day in Toronto with Jacob of Spectrum Glazes made Toronto unforgettable, and seeing my extended clay family in Houston made my first trip to the state memorable in so many ways.
Then, the other day, my friend sends me this picture:


And I was reminded… travel is fun but Denver=home.

Photo Credit: Chris Parrish.


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