Delivery Fees

Stone Leaf Delivery Fees

Stone Leaf is happy to bring Laguna Clay or other products to you for a modest delivery fee within the Denver area. We’ll bring your clay to your classroom, studio, school warehouse, parent’s garage, or we’ll meet you in the Target parking lot if that’s the best place to find you!

When we deliver to you, think about the clay-mobile to be like UPS… we just can’t cross the bridge, take the boxes down the steps, and through the quicksand to your classroom. But we *will* do our best to find the best/closest place for to leave the clay. If we can bring the clay when your class is full of football students or your teenager is around to help, more the better!

Sadly, we have to maintain a delivery vehicle & pay the guy to do the deliveries, so we have to charge for the service.

Rate info:

  • $45 minimum within 470 loop – 1 pallet up to 2000#
  • $60 minimum outside 470 loop – 1 pallet up to 2000#
  • $15 additional for additional weight (400# maximum), mileage beyond 15 miles, or delivery beyond inside delivery as described above

We also ship!!

Freight/Pallets – Maximum weight per pallet 2000#

(Pallet drop only, does not include inside delivery.)

  • Along I-25 approximately $75
  • Along I-70 approximately $95 (Freight amount varies due to weekly fluctuations in fuel surcharges)
  • Lift gate $50 extra


  • $45 minimum for up to 2000# within 470 loop
  • $60 minimum for up to 2000# outside 470 loop
    • $15 each additional pallet per, maximum 10,000#
    • Pallet drop only, does not include inside delivery

 Special discounts available for schools; please inquire.

Confused? Got questions? Please email our warehouse manager, Mark for details.


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