December Product Specials

Happy December to all of our lovely customers! We hope your Thanksgiving was enjoyable and filled with much food and cheer. I definitely ate my fair share of dinner and appreciated all of the leftovers I was sent home with.

I love living in Colorado, especially during the winter. We get all of the best weather— it can be blizzarding one day and the next day the sun is shining and it’s 50 degrees. I’ve spent some time driving through the mountain recently, and was just struck by how beautiful the place I live is. Sometimes, I take it for granted. Well, I love my state and my 4 wheel drive!

As many of you may know from past years, Laguna closes for the last 10ish days of the year. Their much deserved year end break, combined with the regular amount of time it takes to put together our orders & transport from California to Arvada means our LAST LAGUNA ORDER OF THE YEAR IS 12/5. If you need clay orders the first 2ish weeks of January NOW IS THE TIME TO ORDER!!

’Tis the season of giving and Shimpo loves giving people things to sweeten their equipment purchases. Shimpo offers free equipment and tools to purchases made during the month of December. If you were planning on purchasing a wheel or a slab roller you can receive a free stool, banding wheel, tool kit or handheld extruder based on what you’ve purchased. All you have to do is send in your proof of purchase to them proving the sale was made during December and they will send you one of their holiday gifts.  These make great gifts for yourself and others.

VL or RK Whisper: Choice of stool or 18LC banding wheel

VL Lite or Aspire: Japanese Tool Kit

SR 3050 Slab Roller: Hand Extruder and Die Set

December means lots of awesome specials here at Stone Leaf! We break out all of the stops and love passing on sweet savings to everyone that shops here. Here’s what we have going on this month:

Clay of the Month: In stock porcelain clay bodies

When I think of winter I think of fresh, white snow which leads me to think about all of the beautiful porcelain bodies being made by our clay manufacturers. That’s why we like having porcelain clay bodies on special! It just makes sense. Take this opportunity to load up on your favorite porcelains, or maybe try some new ones.

Coleman ^10: $21.25 per bag

#16 ^5: $17 per bag
Frost ^5: $18.50 per bag
#550 ^10: $18.25 per bag
Babu ^10: $19.00 per bag

Rocky Mountain Clay
Aspen ^5: $16.00 per bag
Jiki ^10: $19.25

Tool of the Month: Clay Stocking Stuffer Special!  Receive 20% off any tool that fits into our clay stocking

December means it’s time to break out our clay stocking for one of our favorite (and customer’s love it, too!) product specials of the year. Whatever tool that comfortably fits inside of the stocking gets a discount of 20%. There are some restrictions, however.

  1. It must be a TOOL. This means no bottles of underglaze, refractory, equipment, cones, etc.
  2. It must comfortably fit INSIDE of the stocking completely. You cannot fold things up in a weird way or cram them into the stocking to make them fit.
  3. If you have several items they must all fit together within the stocking, not one at a time.

Additional Tool of the Month: Giffin Grip 15% off

We understand how awesome Giffin Grips are and we also understand that they are a little pricey (and totally worth every penny). If you’ve been holding off on getting this great addition to your studio because of the sticker shock, now is your time! Stop by and get your hands on one of these fantastic trimming systems this month!

Stone Leaf’s Christmas/New Years Closure will be from December 23 through January 1,
opening in 2019 on Wednesday, January 2 at 9 am.


Happy shopping and stay warm out there, people!

Hangout With Us:

House Rules for “of the Month Items” and other product specials at Stone Leaf Pottery: All Clay of the Month purchases are limited to 100# per person. There are no holds on this clay. Sale price is valid only in December 2018 and not combinable with other discounts. Its not uncommon for us to run out of the Clay(s) of the Month, so we always suggest you shop early to ensure the clay is in stock. When purchasing Glaze or Tool of the Month, again, it’s limited to products on hand. If we don’t have it when you shop, it’s not on sale. We replenish our shelves constantly – we encourage frequent visits to Stone Leaf. Got more questions about how this works? Please, please reach out to us! Or check our blog at for further details.