NEW PRODUCTS: Coyote Slow Cool Glazes

Yay! Coyote has new glazes… and that means we get to PLAY!

Coyote has just released a line of seven “slow cool” glazes, designed to create unique effects when the firing is a controlled cool. Best results will be used with a computerized kiln for these glazes.

We saw these glazes at NCECA in Milwaukee last year, and have been waiting for them to be ready for the shelf here at Stone Leaf Pottery! Like all Coyote Glazes, we’ll bet these new Coyote Slow Cool Glazes will look unbelievable layered over and under other colors in Coyote’s extensive glaze line. Coyote tells us their Opal, Saturated Iron, Rhubarb, Eggplant, Mottled Blue, Rust Brown, and Red Gold look great in a slow cool environment. We cannot wait to play!


In order as shown: Ivory Crystal, Crystal Celadon, Crystal Lagoon, Autumn Spice, Mars Red Iron, Light Gold, and Summer Spice.

Each color retails for $11.75 to $17.75 per liquid pint; products are also avaliable for purchase as special orders in 1 and 3 liquid gallons as well as 10# or 25# dry.

To purchase these glazes from Stone Leaf, check out this page!