Coyote Slow Cool Glazes

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Stone Leaf is so excited to have the Coyote Slow Cool Glazes on our shelves! Through the years, in our firing schedule here at Stone Leaf, we’ve noticed certain glazes from assorted companies look *fabulous* when we slow down the cooling. Coyote has built on this theory and has just introduced 7 new glaze colors that work amazingly well when you slow down how they cool. Through this process, the glazes have brilliant results of texture and crystalline growth!

Designed to fire to Cone 6, these glazes do not require any seeding and (according to Coyote’s website) they don’t run the way typical crystalline glazes well. The Coyote Slow Cool Glaze line currently includes three crystal glazes, an adventurine glaze, and a phenomenal iron red color. Coyote plans to build on this line and offer more colors soon!!

Prices & product listed online are currently liquid pints; and these are stocked at Stone Leaf Pottery. Liquid gallons and dry glaze are by special order. Here is further firing info.