ConeArt Kiln YouTube Resources

I think one of the great things about today’s technology and vast information on the internet is the quick accessibility of kiln repair information! It’s true… nothing is better than being able to point a customer to a great YouTube video for kiln fixes.

Simple issues, like determining if a thermocouple or relay needs to be changed is something many potters can do themselves, saving the valuable time and trip fees of your kiln technician.

Changing a thermocouple is basically a quick pull out, push in of the new one… we say, try doing it yourself. Just unplug or turn off the power to your kiln before trying this!

With this in mind, we were happy to get Michael from ConeArt’s email recently, linking us up to several new videos on ConeArt’s YouTube Channel with videos that include how to change a thermocouple, how to change a relay, taking apart your kiln, how to program your kiln, and much more. Check out the videos and subscribe to the channel.

In the coming weeks we’ll be providing you with more manufacturer’s resources.

Great job, kiln peeps!
Happy Firings,


oh hey….. you can also check out ConeArt’s antics here: