ConeArt December 2014 Promo

ConeArt Logo

ConeArt has created a repair kit for each kiln model they sell and they are providing a FREE kit with each kiln purchased in December 2014! Woot woo!

As we all know, every kiln has parts that eventually wear over time and need replacement. These “consumable” parts are so much easier to swap out if they are on hand when we need them most. Each Maintenance Kit from ConeArt will contain the number of thermocouples required for the specific kiln model (i.e. 3 thermocouples for 27” deep kilns, etc). It will also include 2 relays, and one of each style of element for that particular model (i.e. 1 top wall, 1 floor, 1 middle wall element). This is an amazing Holiday Gift from ConeArt: each kit is valued between $197 and $444, depending on the size of the kiln.

ConeArt Maint Kit pic

Thinking about a new kiln for your studio? We love ConeArt’s double walled design, amazing lid lift system, and energy efficiency. Our 10 cubic foot BX2827 is a beast! We’ve got one in the show room at Stone Leaf Pottery; stop by and ask one of our amazing staff to give you a kiln tour!

If you are ANYWHERE in Colorado and considering a new kiln, we hope you’ll give us a call or shoot us an email so we can tell you all about ConeArts!