Coming Soon! Western Glazes

Have you heard the news? There’s some “new” glaze coming to town. Giddy up on over to Stone Leaf to pick up some colors from Western Glazes!

Western Glazes have been around over 63 years and primarily marketed in the California area. This year, Western Glazes made a splash on the national scene with a booth at NCECA.

Why more glaze?
Yes, it’s true: Mom and I have an affinity for glaze, especially the midfire Cone 5/6 stuff. We just love it and are always looking to expand our palette.

Western Glazes makes some amazing and unique colors. We’ll start by bringing in colors that are best sellers and glazes that are different from products we already sell. My favorites?

UG-36, Pomegranate Underglaze
4519 – Purple Gloss Cone 5/6 Glaze
4539 – Cobalt Gloss Cone 5/6 Glaze
4548 – Turquoise Peacock Art Cone 5/6 Glaze
4555 – Kelp Forest Art Cone 5/6 Glaze
4557 – Copper Red Art Cone 5/6 Glaze

Did you see some Western Glazes at NCECA you were interested in? Let me know so I can order them for you. Matt, of Western Glazes, has graciously donated 2 – six packs of glaze for the Open House. Stop by and register to win! And don’t forget to check out Western Glazes at Clay Planet on Instagram.


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