Cleaning the Warehouse!

As you may have heard, Stone Leaf is moving at the end of the summer. We’ll be announcing our plans soon… but in the mean time, we are clearing out all sorts of items from the warehouse and the store.

Here’s a current list of items:

– Clay. A variety of bodies from 06 to Cone 10, including some porcelains, are on clearance for $5 per bag/no limit.

– Glaze. Clearance for $5 per pint/no limit.

– Mason Stains Clearance $12 per pound/no limit.

– miscellaneous kiln shelves & other refractory.

– assorted raw materials and dry glazes that were “abandoned.”

– Pallet of Misc. Raku items, including combustibles, 2 kiln lids, at least 1 torch, 1 small metal trash can… these items NEED to go, please make an offer.

All items will stay on sale until they are gone – and more items will be added as we continue to clean out Stone Leaf!

See you soon at Stone Leaf where we have everything you need from Clay to Cones!