Summer Clay Clearance Extravaganza!

We are busy cleaning the warehouse out – before we get stocking on fall & back to school clays – and we have this *amazing* line up of super affordable clays for you. It’s an EXTRAVAGANZA!

And the Clay Clearance Clays Are….

Tile and Sculpture is a super heavily grogged body is perfect for making catch plates for your work and cone packs. This clay is $4 per bag.

Buff with Sand ^04 is a lowfire body that has a nice touch of color without going full-on terra cotta.

Red Rock Red with Grog ^04 is the favorite low fire terra cotta with added grog for sturdiness.

Sheepdog is a clay unlike any other clay we sell the with added nylon fiber for incredible sculptural results.

Death Valley Red is a ^10 iron rich body with a medium texture. Fires to a dark brown in reduction.

Red Calico is a luscious orange/red ^5 body that is lovely to work with on the wheel or for sculptural handbuilding purposes. Takes glazes well.

Dave’s porcelain ^10 is completely smooth and contains a bit more ball clay than some other porcelains which makes it less finicky.

HB1^10 is an excellent throwing stoneware. Blended from Missouri fireclays and Kentucky ball clays. HB1 is a very plastic body which is gray to buff in color with slight speckling in reduction.

Black mountain sculpture clay ^10… it’s all in the name. This body is specially formulated for large sculpture and fires a beautiful shade of dark brown almost black in ^10 reduction.

Mica white and mica red ^04  have large mica flakes making for gorgeous glittery pottery. These low fire clays also have special properties when tempered correctly such as use for cooking over open flame.

LB6 ^5 stands for Long Beach 60 mesh. This midfire clay has a medium mesh grog and fires a dark gray in oxidation.

LB Blend is a ^10 and is one of Laguna’s most popular bodies. This versatile body has a bit of iron and fires to a toasty buff color in oxidation and a bit darker in reduction.

First come, first serve and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Although, many of the bodies we still have access to and can special order if you end up loving it.
All clay is while supplies last – some clays are firmer than others in the bag – check before purchase. No returns, refunds, or exchanges.