New Products: Amaco Potter’s Choice Colors

If you attended NCECA in Pittsburgh back in March, you may have stopped by the amacobrent booth. And while there, you may have gotten a sneak peak at the NEW Potter’s Choice glazes Amaco has in production to bring to us. Lemme just tell you (wink, wink) we are beyond excited!! Continue reading

Front Range Spring Pottery Sales

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, many Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins potters plan a Spring Pottery Sale. This is a great time to get out to Colorado’s best cities, meet some new people, and support local artisans. As we hear about sales – from private studios to pottery guilds to street festivals, we like to update this post and let you know what’s going on. Let us know if you want your sale listed here. Continue reading

March 2018 Product Specials

Here’s looking at you March. Shamrocks, leprechauns, and NCECA… mischief abounds while clay is thrown around? I’m not sure about that, I might have a case of the cheesies.

At any rate, Kylle and I (Sophia) are busy getting prepped for NCECA. It was an all hands on deck situation cutting SlabMat for NCECA – Chris, Mom (Ingrid), Alyssa, Olga, Kylle, my Aunt Kim, Carol, Wendy, and Gita (yep, her!)

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February 2018 Product Specials

Hey Everybody!! Nice to see you here – we hope that 2018 has started out well for you, with productive days in the studio.


If you’ve shopped at Stone Leaf in January, you probably know that we felt like BMix was the WORLD’s MOST POPULAR CLAY EVER and it was basically impossible to keep it in stock in January. We have been thrilled and shocked at how fast it’s flown out of here… so for the FIRST TIME EVER we will be extending our BMix sale into February. Read more below.

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Goodbye Message from Mark

This has certainly been an interesting nine years. Hi! This is Mark. It is amazing to me that I am writing this today. In August of 2008, I gave myself a birthday present and took a six-week introductory pottery class here at Stone Leaf Pottery. One thing lead to another, and I ended up working for Ingrid and Sophia full time. Now, more than 9 years later, I am resigning my full-time position to go to school full time. For several years, I have been working on my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Metropolitan University of Denver. I am currently in the 3rd year and I want to graduate before I turn 60. So, my wife and I are taking a big step (and cut in income) to facilitate my studies.


Although I will no longer be working full-time, I will continue to maintain a close relationship with Stone Leaf. Over the years, I have taken on responsibilities and acquired a history of knowledge that is difficult to transfer. So, you’ll see me around in the store on occasion, working as a consultant, training SLP staff or doing back-office work.


I have truly enjoyed my time at Stone Leaf. The customers and staff are the best part of working here! Many of our customers are so talented and you’ve each taught me much more than I can tell you. I hope to continue the friendships I’ve developed along the way. I’ve listed a couple of contact methods below, if you’d like to keep in touch. I don’t know exactly what my future holds after graduating, but I’ll likely post about it as it develops in the next year or so.


I am forever grateful to the Kings for the trust, friendship and opportunity they gave me when they first hired me on as their part-time delivery driver. The business has grown considerably since then, and the current staff is fully committed to continued growth. They are a great bunch to work with and I will miss seeing them every day.


My Instagram is a little underdeveloped right now but I’m there as @mfishgrab. You also can keep up with me through which will take you to the page where I post most of my work for school etc.


I wish you all peace, prosperity and happiness. I’ll see you around. Thanks.

Snow Policy

It’s already January, and we’ve had only a little of snow… and I thought it would be good to remind everyone of our Snow Policy. I hope it doesn’t mean we’ll have days of snow dumping later this winter. But, in case that does happen, I want to remind all our lovely customers about Stone Leaf Pottery’s Snow Policy.

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November 2017 Newsletter

Happy November,

Fall is flying by, isn’t it? This month we have Daylight Savings, tons of holiday sales, and Thanksgiving to look forward to.

The week of Thanksgiving, Stone Leaf will be open shortened hours so that our staff may enjoy time with their friends and family, and make time to bake!

Thanksgiving Hours will be:

Tuesday & Wednesday 10 am to 2 pm

Closed: Thursday & Friday

Saturday 10 am to 2 pm


Saturday is Small Business Saturday, and we’ll be having a variety of ONE DAY ONLY sales to celebrate. An email with these specials will be emailed out sometime on Thursday or Friday. Be ready, Potters – there is going to be some good stuff on sale. (Wheels!!)

For November, we’re bringing you some staff favorites… we hope you love them as much as we do!!


Clay of the Month:

Los Altos! Laguna’s Cone 10 Los Altos Clay is by far and away one of our all time favorite bodies in Laguna’s line up. This golden tan clay is great for everything we’ve ever done with it – throwing to handbuilding. It works great at Cone 5 (check for watertightness as needed) and is beautiful at Cone 10. Best of all – this clay is an amazing throwing body. The magic of this clay makes you throw like a rock star – it amplifies your skills & you can produce some exceptional pieces with this clay.


Try Los Altos for only $8.25 per 25# bag this month
Regularly priced at $10.75 per bag – limit 100# of clay per person


Glaze of the Month: Amaco HF9

It’s no secret that when it comes to clear glaze, the glaze we “push” the most is Amaco’s Cone 5 Zinc Free Clear. In fact, we push it so much, we buy 1 zillion pints at a time. Okay, it’s not a zillion, but it sure seems like it. Limit 6 pints of glaze per person.

This clear glaze is creamy and ready to apply straight from the jar, it glides onto our pots easily. The benefit of using a zinc free clear means underglazes will stay true to color – instead of greens flipping to weird shades of brown. We highly, highly recommend this glaze.


Buy a Pint of Amaco’s Cone 5 HF 9 for $9.95 this month
Not-on-sale-price $12.40 per pint


Tool of the Month: Mayco Stamps & Stencils

Mayco offers a variety of additional products to use with their glazes and underglazes – whats more fun than creating patterns and textures on our pieces?

Mayco Stamps: are 6.75 by 2” and are perfect for impressing into clay or daubing with under/glaze to create fun designs – they have about 60 different stamps – you’ll be sure to find something that’s great for you.

Mayco Stencils – are 6×6” with patterns cut out of thin plastic than can be applied to tiles or any clay surface and then color applied. Both stamps and stencils are made of flexible materials, allowing them to be used on curved surfaces. These stencils offer thicker lines/patterns than the stamps, and can be layered upon one another for a unique look. Limit 6 total stamps/stencils.


Enjoy Stamps & Stencils 20% off this month!
Sale Price on Stamps $4 and/or Sale Price on Stencils $4
Otherwise $5 each.


Happy Fall Y’all!! We look forward to seeing you at Stone Leaf very soon. In October, we sold out of our Clay of the Month by the 6th… so hurry up and get here quickly to enjoy all our special offers. Our sale items are available through the end of the month or until we run out of inventory… so we do suggest you hurry over for best selection. We don’t offer any holds or additional discounts on our sale items & we want you to enjoy the deals!

Stone Leaf has been open in Arvada about 19 years now – here serving the pottery community; from hobbyists to professionals, teaching facilities and everyone in between, we’ve got the ceramic clay, glaze, and equipment you need!

October 2017 News

Hello, October!

Rain is falling with the leaves, and the mountains are glowing with shades of red and orange. Fall has arrived. With fall comes furious pot-making as we begin the season of holiday sales and open houses. It’s also Halloween, a favorite holiday for so many of us! All restrictions and further sale info is at the bottom of the email – please read through so you know how to best take advantage of our sales.

Celebrate the holiday of orange and black with black clays on sale this month, thanks to Rick & the makers of clay at Aardvark Clay in Santa Ana, California.

Aardvark makes 2 lovely black clays – one for Cone 5 and one Cone 10. The Cone 5 clay, Cassius, is the best and closest to black clay we offer for Cone 5. At Cone 10, Aardvark offers Black Mountain. We’re stocked up on both right now, but shop early before we run out!!

Want to know more about these clays? Read more about it here.

Clay of the Month
Cassius $12.25 per bag
Black Mountain $8.25 per bag


One of the most impressive things to me about selling Mayco Stroke and Coats is the depth of coverage and range of colors.       Stroke and Coats are available in 2 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz squeezy bottles – perfect for every studio and budget.

Glaze of the Month
Mayco Stroke and Coats – 20%


I know you’ve been driving by pumpkin stands, and seen a variety of gourds outside the markets too. Time to grab and few and carve them up! Our artistic abilities are perfect for this activity – after all, carving pumpkins and carving clay are about the same thing! And the tools can be the same too – Kemper tools are perfect for making scary goblins out of pumpkins. Loop tools pull guts out of goards and mini ribbon tools provide fine detail for whiskers, eyes, and drips of blood! I strongly suggest you upgrade your studio tools this month, and take your studio tools into the kitchen for pumpkin carving!

Tools of the Month
All Kemper branded tools – 20% off


What would an October be – the season of BATS… without a bat sale? Every year, Mom (Ingrid) insists bats are on sale – and I agree with her. Bats for the battiest month of the year! Stone Leaf sells a variety of bats from plastic round ones to squares to plaster, to drop in sets… come check out the selection.

Tool #2 of the Month
All Bats on sale -10% off


Each month, our product specials come with a few restrictions and limitations. All sale items are valid only in October 2017 and are not combined with other discounts; further, sale items are for instock products only – no rain checks are issued. We also do not “hold” any items for customers that are on sale until they can come pick them up – first come, first served.

Clay of the Month is limited to 100# of clay per person (per type of clay on sale.) When the clay is gone, it’s gone and unfortunately, we cannot manifest more clay here overnight. We do encourage you to shop early in the month, when inventory is highest for the best selection and opportunity to get the items you want.

Glaze of the Month is limited to colors & sizes in stock. We’ve got a HUGE order coming in October to restock, so you may find increased selection mid-month, so shop often!!

Tool & Toy of the Month, like everything is limited to items in stock.

And, as always, all sale prices are not combined with other discounts. We do stock up before having items on sale, but we do sell out of items – sometimes quickly.


Stone Leaf Pottery is located in Arvada, Colorado – just minutes from downtown Denver. We are a pottery and clay supplier, offering all the kilns, wheels, clay, glaze, tools, and raw materials you need to run a thriving pottery studio. We’ll see you here soon!