Layering with Amaco Potter’s Choice Glazes

If you’ve spent much time reading our blog or shopping in the store, you know everyone around here is a huge fan of the Amaco Cone 5/6 Potter’s Choice Glazes. Amaco has some fabulous resources for working with these mid fire glazes, and we want to share them with you. Continue reading

Teach This: Lady and Laddie Bugs

When Stone Leaf Pottery heads to Colorado Art Education Association’s conference each fall, we work hard to create unique and easy lesson plans for teachers to bring back to their classrooms. Here is a not-so-long-ago favorite, handbuilding lady bugs… and what’s a “boy” lady bug called? A laddie bug, of course!

Continue reading

Denver Area Handmade Markets, Fall 2015

One of the greatest things about being in the Denver metro area in November and December are all the great markets and sales for handcrafted items, such as pottery, class, photography and more in the area. Truthfully? There are more sales out there than we can get to, but we try to make the rounds. Here is our list of the options. Continue reading