Bye Bye Bea

Our wonderful Beatrice is leaving Colorado to move closer to family.

We’ve known Bea for several years both as a customer and as an instructor in Stone Leaf’s pottery classes.

Bea came to us several years ago to try out some of Laguna’s fabulous porcelains after recommendation from her studio mate, Boulder-area potter and porcelain expert, David Beumee. Bea quickly struck up a friendship with Gita, and before long, was offered a position teaching throwing in our busy teaching studio. With a background in production porcelain pottery making she has been an amazing asset to us at Stone Leaf.

For the last few years, Bea has taught our Wednesday & Sunday classes. Since having her son last year, Nathan has joined us as well. Bea and her family will be moving to North Carolina to be closer to family. BEA: Thank you for all your wonderful time you’ve spent at Stone Leaf!