Brent Batmobile Give Away

Stone Leaf has a gently used Brent Batmobile to give away. To you. Or you. Or you. Or you. Or any Stone Leaf Pottery customer, newsletter or blog reader. Bascially, to any potter who reads about this and needs a Batmobile!



For a couple of years we’ve been using a Brent Batmobile in our store for bat storage. It’s about 3.5″ feet tall, a couple feet long and looks pretty much like this picture.



Well, since we needed more space for all the really awesome products we sell we’ve decided it’s time to move away from the BatMobile. And we wanted to share it with you!! Want to know more about Brent’s Batmobile? Amaco/Brent has all kinds of info on their website.

On March 3, we’re going to give away this Batmobile. Entries for the Brent Batmobile Give Away are February 1 – February 28, 2015. Then on Tuesday morning, we’ll draw a name & contact the winner. It’s crucial you provide us with the best phone or email address for you, in clear, legible handwriting. You need to respond to our “You’re the winner” phone call ASAP… if we don’t hear from you by March 10, we’ll draw another name.

What to do? While you’re shopping at Stone Leaf in February, toss your name in the BIG POT at the front counter. We can’t stress enough that we need your name, number, and email address clearly printed. If you are a customer who’s not coming to Stone Leaf in February – we are going to miss your smiling face – but you can still enter! Just email me at sophia(at)stoneleafpottery(dot)com and I’ll put your name in the big pot for entry. Everyone can enter once; please be honest about your entry.

This Batmobile sells new for $460 MSRP, and it’ll hold between 50 and 90 bats, depending on the type you use. This is a massive space saver for most studio situations. Truth? It’s an awesome bat storer but being tight on space in Stone Leaf’s retail store + dogs running around + narrow aisles = bats fall off. This Batmobile ALSO includes 4 bat braces, retail value of $13.50 each.

Here’s the thing… we WILL want to take your photo with your fancy Brent Batmobile, okay? Winner of the Batmobile must pick up the batmobile by the end of March 2015, and at that time, we’d like to take your picture. We’ll probably post your picture on our website, on Facebook, and instagram. (**We won’t ship this Batmobile… because it’s all assembled!)

Stone Leaf Pottery is the most awesomest place in Colorado to buy supplies for your teaching or home studio. We’ve got everything you need, including pottery clay, glaze, tools, wheels, and equipment from Amaco/Brent. Our staff is experience potters who know there clay! We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon.