December 2021 Product Specials & Newsletter

December 2021 Product Specials & Newsletter

Dec 1st 2021

Hi Potter Peeps!

No matter what your traditions are and who you may have spent them with, we hope your Thanksgiving was full of happiness and joy. December is starting and the lack of snow is freaking me out!! Come on, come on, come on!!

December is a short month for us here at Stone Leaf - we’ll be closed Friday December 24 through Monday, January 3 for our year end break. Our first day open in 2022 will be Tuesday, January 4th.

During our year end break - like every year - we will be doing inventory and running year end reports. Therefore, if you happen to swing by, we will not be able to sell anything. As part of this process, any lingering unpaid orders will be closed and those items will be returned to our general inventory. So make sure you stop by before we close for the end of the year.

Covid Update

I’m writing this just a few days after Jeffco Health has issued a new mask mandate. When you come in to shop at SLP, we’ll all be masked! We continue to do our wipe downs of counters, door knobs, countertops and more multiple times per day for your safety and ours. If you prefer to not shop in the store we’ll be happy to bring an online or emailed order outside to you for curbside pickup. Please make sure to give us at least 24 hours notice to arrange for curb side pick ups.

Clay of the Month: Porcelains!

As is our December practice, all in-store porcelains are on sale for the 1,000# price in December. Offer is good up to 100#. We offer porcelains from several manufacturers including Kentucky Mudworks, Aardvark Clay, Laguna Clay Company, and Rocky Mountain Clay. A complete listing of porcelains that Stone Leaf carries can be found here.

Glaze of the Month: Coyote Mid Fire Glazes

Have you used Coyote Glazes yet? Coyote Mid Fire Glazes for Cone 5 / 6 offer some amazing colors and textures that are uncommon out there in the wonderful world of glaze. That’s always been the appeal of this line for me. I found some amazing combos of layered Coyote on Pinterest. I encourage you to explore the rainbow!

Tool of the Month: Fill the Stocking!

Again, returning to our December custom, we have a (ceramic) Christmas stocking and most tools that fit in the stocking are 10% off in December.

There are a couple of rules:

  1. The tools must comfortably fit in the stocking completely. This means, you can’t crumple or crush items into fitting within the stocking. The whole tool must fit and not be sticking out of the top.
  2. Most tools are available for this special but there are certain lines we cannot offer discounts on.
  3. Tools only. No cones or refractory or underglazes, etc. You get the idea.
  4. You can only fill the stocking once. Feel free to fit as much as you can (again see rule 1) but you can only utilize this special once so make sure you get all the goodies you can when you use the stocking stuffer special.
  5. Diamond core tools are not included with this special.

Happy Solstice and Merry 2022 to everyone! As a small family run business we appreciate you.


Ingrid, Bob, & Sophia along with Gita, Ripley, Sharon, Britt, Kate, Emelio, Sam, Colton, and Grey plus Bruce the doodle