I say this all the time… Mum & I started Stone Leaf on the simple idea: Be nice. It’s worked so far, and we’ll continue with that business plan.

I have these moments of amazement on what Stone Leaf has become. Since it’s Thanksgiving, I’m counting blessings.

Here’s my big shout out for 2012.

To my staff:
Gita, Kylle, Mark, Aaron, and Amy.

To my volunteers:
Tanja, Rita, MJ, Cherub, Carol, Josh, Sharon, Saundra, and Will

To my dogs:
Riley, Tobin, Aster, P’chunkins, Poe, Odie, and Lola.

To my pottery instructors:
Lori, Kelly, Rick, Peggy, and Beatrice.

To my family:
Dad, Blayne, and Loren

To my friends:
Daryl, Speter, Kate, Cindy, Dave, Michael, Tina, P, Aimee, Carol, Dean, Lori, Johanna, Janice.

And most of all, my Mum. It’s an amazing thing to come to work, enjoy seeing you, being with you, sharing, learning and laughing on this amazing journey.

You are the stars in my sky!

– Sophia


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