Beth Cavener at Art Student’s League

I think one of the best parts of loving clay and living in Colorado is the *huge* opportunities there are for learning. From places like Anderson Ranch to the Arvada Center and Art Student’s League of Denver, there is a never ending variety of locations and artists in the area to learn from. I am constantly looking to the work of other artists in the field for inspiration.

Sometimes, I am able to take away new techniques to inform my work, and other times I am simply left in awe of other people’s creations. Beth Cavener is on the latter list for me. I think Beth’s work really became known to us – the clay community – during FLOW – the show at the Milwaukee Art Museum during NCECA 2014. Her stunning piece “Tangled Up in You” hung suspended, captivating us as it gently swayed.

When I found out Beth was coming as a guest artist to the Art Student’s League of Denver, I just had to pass the news along! She will be doing a one-night lecture on her process and a three-day workshop series where she will demonstrate it. And don’t fret; you do not have to be a League member to register.

Beth’s website is a great place to hang out and be in inspired awe. And I love the name: Follow the Black Rabbit.

I’ll be holding down the fort here at Stone Leaf during the workshop, but I hope to see some of you at the lecture!



So, that’s me. Mae. I’m a full time employee at Stone Leaf, with a degree in ceramics and I adore that my job lets me talk about my passion for clay. Stone Leaf is a full teaching studio located in the NW Denver area suburb of Arvada. And since we have a full teaching studio, we get to sample the products we sell in our store – from new pottery glazes to clay bodies, it’s a great opportunity to bring this information to our customers and students. See you soon – I’m here every day!