Basic Kiln Repairs

Buying your first kiln means considering the long term repairs needed for your kiln to run properly. Every kiln – regardless of brand – has a few consumable parts that need to be replaced regularly for your kiln to run in tip top shape. Shown below are a series of videos showing the basics: replacing a thermocouple, a relay, elements, and bricks. 

We’re starting out this post with a long video from Matt Hoogland at Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild. Matt is an owner at Clay Planet and one of the most knowledgable kiln guys around. I’m happy to call him a friend, AND I’d ask him to fix my kilns any day. The videos shown below are primarily from Skutt’s YouTube channel, as they have the most videos of any kiln company out there. Regardless of the kiln company your kiln is manufactured by these basic repairs should be the same.

The repairs shown below – particularly thermocouple and relay replacement – are the repairs we encourage all kiln owners to learn to do. They are simple, thermocouples and relays are cheap, and it’s worth trying to do it yourself before calling in a professional. (Don’t forget unplug or cut off the power supply to your kiln before starting any work on it.)

If your kiln needs professional help, we encourage you to call either Mike Christopherson at 720-988-4230 OR Mark Newman at 303-425-4324. And if you’re looking for an electrician we encourage you to call Mark Moroney at 303-526-9630.


Matt Hoogland, Electric Kiln Maintenance at Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild


Skutt Kiln Maintenance – Replacing your Kiln’s Thermocouple


Skutt Kiln Maintenance – Changing Relays


Skutt Kiln Maintenance – Replacing the Kiln’s Elements


Skutt Kiln Maintenance – Replacing Brick


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