Back to School Season

It’s back to school season! At Stone Leaf we have all your back to school needs covered – with glaze from Amaco, Laguna, Mayco and more to clays from Laguna Clay and Rocky Mountain Clay. We are sure our helpful and friendly staff can get your teaching studio in ship shape for the upcoming year.

Stone Leaf offers great discounts to teaching facilities and schools; just remind us if you are a state recognized school or Rec Center when you order your supplies so we can apply applicable discounts. Not a state recognized school? Ask about our volume discounts!

We know part of the “back to school” plan is to inventory your stock of clay, glaze, and tools. We’ve stocked up on our most popular clays, tool kits, and our best selling classroom glaze lines just for you.

When you’re ready to order, we’ve got a few tips to make the process go better for everyone!

  1. Call or email your order to us.

Even if you are stopping in at Stone Leaf Pottery to pick up clay for your art program, calling ahead ensures that we have the clay you want, when you want it.

Ordering farther in advance will increase the likelihood we can get your order ready when it’s most needed.

You can reach us by phone at 303-463-8081

Or you can reach us by email at

  1. Let us know when you need your order to arrive in your studio.

Giving us a week or two advance notice means we can make sure your order is ready by the day it’s needed and allow us to deliver your clay with other orders in your area if possible (and we especially appreciate saving time during back to school.)

Deliveries are scheduled a week in advance. Orders delivered the week they are placed is unlikely.

  1. Consider picking up your order. Or sending a parent/friend to get it.

Picking Up orders will likely mean you can get your clay faster. We can only do so many deliveries in a day, and coming over to get your order may ultimately be faster. We are enlisting extra help during back to school season but asking a helper to pick up the order is always okay with us!

Thanks so much! Remember, at Stone Leaf Pottery we sell all the brands you need for your teaching studio – at home, in a school, or community rec center.

Clays from Aardvark, Laguna, New Mexico Clay, and Rocky Mountain Clay are in our warehouse.

Glazes from Amaco, Duncan, Coyote, Laguna, and Mayco are on our selves.

And tools from Dirty Girl Pottery Tools, Dolan, Giffin Grip, Kemper, bat from Speedball, Shimpo, and Xiem are in the store.


We’ll see you here soon, and have a wonderful back to school season!