August 2014 News

August Summer Sunflower

Welcome to August!

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It’s back to school, and as such, we’ve focused on popular school items for both our clay & glaze of the Month Sales.

August 2014 Clay of the Month: Laguna EM 210, White Clay

The EM 210, White Clay, is a great all purpose white low fire clay body. It is a wonderful choice for beginning techniques such as coil and slab building. Grey in the bag & white when fired, it’s a perfect choice when working with children and in a classroom setting. It’s also a wonderful clay choice for pit firing and burnishing: EM 210 is not just for kids!!J-Alex-Potter-Janet

ONLY $6.50 per bag in August 2014

the “rules”: 4 bags per person, no reservations/holds on the clay. Limited supply; when it’s gone, it’s gone.

The sculpture shown here, “Janet”, was created by potter J. Alex. Image from Laguna’s Artist Gallery, located at


August 2014 Glaze of the Month – Mayco Foundations

Mayco Foundations offer a broad variety of color, easy application, are budget friendly, and come in transparent, glossy, matte and opaque colors. They are great in conjunction with other Mayco products such as Stroke and Coats and Jungle Gems.

Stock up in August! ONLY $8.23 per pint – 30% off retail.

Limited to in stock items only.


15 Years, 15 Items Sale!
June was 15 years of Stone Leaf being open and we’ve celebrated in June, July, and August with 5 sale items each month that we love. Here are the August selections.
From Lori – Mayco Texture Mats. The perfect item for creating texture and depth rolled into slabs of clay. On sale this month for $14 (regular price $16.95)
From Kelly – Mudbowls from MudTools. Mudbowls – available in a smaller and larger version are the perfect way to throw the same bowl size in duplicate. Pick one or two up this month for only $6.75, a 25% savings.
From Mae – MudTools White Finishing Sponge! Ah. The best sponge ever – especially designed for use with smooth clay bodies, such as porcelain or B-Mix. Grab one for $5.50 (instead of the regular price of $7.)
From Rick – he says ” you have to have a French Roller”! These awesome rolling pins allow you to roll a thinner slab without a demarcation line and are easier on your wrist… Usually priced at $26, you can purchase a French Roller for only $21 this month.
From Peggy – APTII, the perfect “glue” for sticking on attachments. 2 ounces only $4.75 this month.


Fall Workshops
The Fall Workshop brochure is in the production stage. More information about Stone Leaf Pottery’s Fall Workshops, including several “Play With” Workshops should be available by early September.
The line up includes:
Playing with Laguna’s Tile and Sculpture Clay on September 20
Mini Class: Making Cone Packs on September 28
Playing with Mayco Silk Screens on October 18
and the Electric Kiln Workshop on October 25
Additional workshops will be scheduled for November and December.

Labor Day Holiday Hours
Friday, August 29 from 10 am to 4 pm (regular hours)
Saturday, August 30 from 10 am to 2 pm (shorter hours)
Sunday, August 31 CLOSED
Monday, September 1 CLOSED (as usual)
Tuesday, September 2 from 9 am to 6 pm (regular hours)