August 2017 Product Specials

Let’s hope these hot days of summer are over… and giving way to cooler fall breezes. Maybe we’ll get some rain….

We’re busy all over the place here at Stone Leaf as we prep for back to school. The warehouse is full of clay for your classroom, glaze shelves are stocked, the Great Wall of Tools is filled to overflowing, and kilns are being made and shipping right to your doors.

Back to School means Back to Basics and we’ve got some great deals to get your new school year started off right!

Clay of the Month:
Lowfire white clay is a staple in so many Colorado clay studios, and this month, our Clay of the Month is a local: Rocky Mountain Clay’s CT3 clay. This “basic” clay isn’t very basic at all – you can throw, make tiles, jewelry, dinnerware, and sculpt with it. Gray in the bag, white when fired and looks lovely with a variety of glazes applied to it.

CT3 – 25# bag for $9

Glaze of the Month:
If you are looking for some easy to use and affordable YET totally awesome glazes… Look no further than Amaco’s Teacher’s Pallette. These low fire glazes offer a rainbow of colors that can be mixed to create new colors. Stabile and versatile, this glaze line is perfect for your classroom!

Teacher’s Pallette Glaze 20% Off

Tool of the Month:
You know, a pottery tool kit is a great way to start your tool collection, and this month we’re offering all Kemper Tool kits on sale 15% to help you get a jump start on your new obsession.

Kemper Tool Kits 15% Off


Bonus Tool of the Month:
Do you SlabMat? If you aren’t, we think you should! SlabMat is the smooth alternative to canvas in your slabroller. It can also be used as a work surface in your classroom, preventing clay from sticking to table tops. SlabMat can be used over and over and over again, stores easily, and is more cost effective than canvas. Isn’t it time you give it a try? SlabMat comes in two multi-package sizes, Class Packs and Eco Packs – as well as a variety of larger sizes, sold in single sheets.

SlabMat Class Pack & Eco Packs on sale 15% off


As always, our Monthly Product Specials come with a few rules and recommendations. All sales are limited to inventory on hand. We don’t issue back orders or “we’ll catch ya next times.” Of the Month Clay sales are limited to 100# per person – and no, you can’t buy for your bestie who didn’t come with you to see us. We want you to have LOTS of glazes to paint with SO the limit on Amaco Teacher’s Pallette is 6 pints. Again, in stock only. Tool of the Month and Bonus Tool of the Month is limited to 3 – any way you slice it. If you have questions about ANY of this, please ask. We’re here for you!

Labor Day Weekend is around the corner, and we want to enjoy the last Saturday of Summer. We’ll be here slightly shorter hours on Saturday, September 2, from 10 to 2.