August 2016 Product Specials

We can’t believe that it is already August! Summer has flown by here at Stone Leaf Pottery, which means it is now, officially, back-to-school season. The impending fall semester will keep things very busy around here for the next few months, so please bear with us!

The Stone Leaf staff knows that this is also a busy time for the teachers out there, and we are ready and willing to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. In order to start the fall semester off right, we are offering large discounts on some select products that we know our customers love for their classrooms and personal studios alike.

Clay: Laguna Clay’s WC-953 Max’s Paper Clay
Paper clay is great for creating large sculptures while maintaining a lighter weight after firing, but it is also great for the kiddos because of it’s forgiving nature. The added paper pulp in Laguna Clay’s Max’s Paper clay reduces the risk of cracking and warping by creating more even drying throughout a piece, and also makes for easy mending for broken pieces in the clay’s unfired state because the paper fibers can grab on to each other to make a more solid connection point. This clay body can be fired as low as Cone 06 and as hot as Cone 10. Max’s Paper Clay is a great option if you are looking for more versatility in your classroom or studio. Try up to 100 lbs this month for $12.50 per bag. More “of the month” restrictions apply; please read them at the end of this newsletter.

Glaze: Cone 06/04 Mayco Foundations Pints
Mayco Foundations are one of our favorite glaze options for the classroom. Foundations  come in opaque, gloss, and matte finishes. They are formulated for low fire temperatures, but many colors are suitable up to Cone 6 as well. The best part is that Mayco takes the guess work out by testing each color at the higher temperature and describes what you can expect on the side of the bottle. These glazes offer great consistency right out of the jar and can be mixed to create new colors. Been thinking about switching your classroom over to a more affordable glaze palette or just adding some fresh new colors? August gives you a great opportunity to do so with all Mayco Foundation pints (limit 24) at 25% off. More restrictions apply; see below.

Tool: All of Kemper!
Yes, it’s true. ALL Kemper tools are 25% off this August! Limit 36 in stock tools. Kemper is the go-to tool company; with already low prices and a wide variety to suit any studio. Whatever tool you may need, Kemper probably makes it, and with the extra discount this month, you’ll be able to fully equip your studio or classroom with all the necessities and more.

As always, there are some limitations to the monthly specials. Discount price is available only on in-stock inventory only; no rain checks, special orders, or holds on items offered on special. Just remember, sometimes quantities sell out quickly. We’ll replenish Mayco Foundations, Kemper Tools, and Max’s PaperClay mid-month… However, shop early for the best selection. Sale runs from 8/1/2016 to 8/31/2016 and discounts cannot be combined.

This month, a 25% discount is offered on Kemper up to 36 tools total, and 24 pints of Mayco Foundations glaze; and anything beyond that will sell at regular retail price. Max’s Paper Clay from Laguna is $12.50 per 25 lbs up to 100 lbs. We look forward to seeing you in the store to scoop up these great deals in August!

Stone Leaf Pottery is proud to offer you great prices on all of the quality products that make your Denver area pottery studio run smoothly. We are never paid by manufacturers to offer additional discounts on products – we believe in the products we sell and we advertise them because we love to use them.