April Newsletter

Happy Spring to all of you lovely people. This weather has been so wonderful after our last snowy month here in Colorado. I am definitely not complaining about the precipitation since we can always use it here but there is something nice about not having to bundle up to go outdoors anymore.

As I’m writing this, half of the Stone Leaf crew has descended upon Minneapolis for the annual NCECA convention. They are catching up with friends from the industry, seeing emerging ceramic art, and handing out thousands of Slab Mat samples to attendees. We know they are having a blast! Were you in attendance this year? Hopefully, if you saw any of us you were able to say hello. We love seeing our customers in general, but even more so in other parts of the country!

Do you love gardening like I do? Well it’s definitely that time of year to start planning your garden and starting your seeds. We’ve got some super duper inexpensive clay on special in addition to our regular monthly specials. This cone 10 brown red body called Tile and Sculpture is perfect for making plant labels to go in your garden. We have also been using it for rolling our kiln waster catch plates and making cone packs. AND it would be great for seed bombs – a perfect project to do with the littles in your life! At $4 a bag you cannot go wrong. Pick some up while you’re in shopping. No Limit!

Spring time means raku season is starting again! Woo hoo!! We will have lots of specials to facilitate all of your raku making endeavors next month, so keep your eyes peeled.

Laguna ^10 B Mix Woodfire $12.25 per bag

Warmer weather means a return to outdoor firings for many potters. This body is specially formulated for atmospheric firings and does beautifully with wood as well as salt. It exhibits captivating flashing characteristics and goes to cone 12. Come pick some up to get ready for the summer firing season.

Cordierite Kiln Shelves 20% off

We have ended up with so many different styles of shelves over the years and thought this month would be a perfect time to do a little spring cleaning. Have you been thinking about getting new shelves but have been putting it off? Well here is your perfect chance to snag a few! We are clearing out all of our stock of cordierite shelves at Stone Leaf so make sure to get your correct dimensions before you stop by to stock up.

Laguna ^ 5 Versa glaze line 30% off

This line of glazes is versatile and has a wide array of heavily saturated colors for cone 5. They are super stable, behaving similarly to underglaze but giving the durability of a glaze. You can use them as stand alone or mix to create new colors. At 30% off, these wont last very long so stock up now!

All brushes 15% off

Having a good brush is so important when glazing. Whether you are doing detailed work or need to glaze large pieces, picking the proper brush will save you a huge headache. I have about 50 brushes that I use regularly and Ingrid probably has hundreds! Wowza! Need help finding the proper brush for what you are working on? Ask us! We are always happy to help.

Happy Spring and Happy Potting!