April News Redux

Springtime is here!
Welcome to Spring. We hope. I see green starting to peep out, little shoots in the garden. Love it. We are having the best time at Stone Leaf right now; we’ve got some fancy new tools, toys, we are playing with our glazes and it’s awesome!
Mom, Gita, and I just got back from Milwaukee. NCECA, was – as *always* – awesome this year. Thanks much to everyone at NCECA for all the hard work they do to make a conference of this size happen! To view pictures from our trip, visit Stone Leaf’s Facebook page for a photo album. If you are Facebook-less, you can click HERE to view the album.
For all of us at Stone Leaf,
Sophia, Ingrid, Bob, Blayne, Gita, Mark, Kylle, Sharon, Salim, Mae, Todd, and the doggies Riley & Aster
This month we’ve got some pretty great things on sale for you.
Clay of the Month: Laguna’s Dark Brown Clay
Laguna’s Cone 10 Dark Brown clay is a wonderful option if you like a rich, chocolately clay body. It’s a medium coarse body with 60 mesh sand. Dark Brown will turn a deep brown in reduction and a lighter brown in oxidation. It’s good for a variety of clay making techniques.
Laguna’s WC 373 DARK BROWN is on sale this month for only $7.50 per bag.*
* Clay of the month rules: 100# per person – limited quantities of this clay available, and when it’s gone it’s gone!
Glaze of the Month: Laguna’s Versa5 Glazes
It’s a Laguna Month for Sales this Month. In April, we are featuring Laguna’s Cone 5 Versa5 Glazes and Underglazes. Versa5s can be used as a glaze OR underglaze. These very stable colors don’t move during firing, making them a great option for beginners. Another great feature of these glazes is that they are blendable to create your perfect color. We’d like to suggest the red & white blended to make a lovely cupid pink!
Toy of the Month: Aves Apoxie
We’ve had a lot of requests lately for an Apoxie product and we love the Aves stuff. This 2 part product mixes together and gives you a few hours to create additions to your fired pieces. While it cannot be fired in your kiln, it’s a great way to add an embellishment or fix something. Once you are finished sculpting with it, it will dry overnight, and you can get on with the show; it’s easily paintable to finish your piece with ZERO shrinkage to worry about. Available at Stone Leaf in 3 sizes – ¼#, 1# and 3#.
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Welcome to Spring, Everyone!