April 2018 Product Specials

Happy Spring! Spring has sprung? Maybe!! As the weather warms, we know so many of you are taking your winter projects outside to fire, with raku and woodfire kilns heating up.

Clay of the Month:
This month we’re offering up Laguna’s Cone 10 B Mix for Woodfire as our clay of the month. From Laguna’s website: A specially formulated version of Laguna’s popular B-mix body for wood and salt firing. Takes Salt and Soda well and exhibits very nice flashing characteristics in wood firings. Holds up well in Cone 12 atmospheric firings. Laguna’s Cone 10 B Mix for Woodfire is WC-899, for those of you keeping track.

Cone 10 B Mix for Woodfire 25# for $12.50

Glaze of the Month:
Mayco is at it again… their awesome Cone 5/6 Stoneware line is adding 11 new colors. From Mayco’s site: Three stunning mattes, five colorful, semi-opaque gloss glazes and two Stoneware Crystals that burst and bloom with color.

Already on our shelves, we’d love to see you take some home and enjoy them as much as we do! Like all Mayco glazes, these wide mouth pints are beautifully blended and ready to paint on right out of the jar. Ranging in price from $11.25 to $12.95, we are calling them perfect and glazing all our bisque with them (okay, maybe not all). Our favorite colors so far are Blue Hydrangea (SW-170) and Leather (SW-174). View all the Mayco Cone 5/6 Stoneware Glazes on Stone Leaf’s website.

            Mayco Stoneware Glazes – Buy 2 pints or more and save 15%

Tool of the Month:
If you are going to paint your glazes on, you’re going to need brushes, right? During April * ALL * – yes, ALL, brushes in the store are on sale. Hake, liner, fan… if we’ve got it, it’s on sale!

All Glaze Brushes – Buy 2 brushes or more and save 15%



Spring Holiday Sales:
If you are participating in a Spring Holiday Sale, and would like this information posted on Stone Leaf Pottery’s Website, please email sophia@stoneleafpottery.com with all the details, and I’ll get it posted!

Rules & Regs:
Sadly, like everything, we’ve gotta lay down the law with our monthly specials. For Clay of the Month: Sale clay is limited to clay on hand. We do stock up for our sale, but there’s no telling how many potters will flood Stone Leaf to snap up the savings.

For Mayco Stoneware Glazes and the Brush Sale again, it’s limited to items on hand.

Limit 6 brushes or pints of glaze, and 100# of clay.

There are no holds, reservations, or ‘savsies’ for any product. You come in, we have it, you buy it!

We say it every month: Shop early in the month for the best selection of all our sale items.


This post is about: April product specials, including Clay of the Month and Glaze of the Month. It’s also about Laguna Cone 10 B Mix for Woodfire, Mayco Stoneware Cone 5/6 Glazes, and brushes.

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